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  1. b34550c Add network traffic annotation to SocketOutputStream. by Ramin Halavati · 10 hours ago master
  2. cb753d3 Rename net::Proxy::PacRequest to net::Proxy::Request by Lily Houghton · 7 days ago
  3. a09e559 [signin] Add more logs for accessing the token service DB table. by Mihai Sardarescu · 10 days ago
  4. 9981be3 Pass StringPiece by value in //base/json by Reilly Grant · 14 days ago
  5. 611ce04 Pass StringPiece(16)? by value in //base/strings by Reilly Grant · 14 days ago
  6. 1ca9a21 Give OAuth2TokenService::DiagnosticObserver methods empty impls by Colin Blundell · 2 weeks ago
  7. 3d712b0 Remove GaiaAuthFetcher::OnClientLoginFetched by Kush Sinha · 3 weeks ago
  8. 81b6310 [Cleanup] Rename UMA_HISTOGRAM_SPARSE_SLOWLY to base::UmaHistogramSparse(). by Ilya Sherman · 5 weeks ago
  9. 6d02b95 [iOS][Signin] Fixing crash related to the token cache. by Jérôme Lebel · 5 weeks ago
  10. af7b01c Convert base::UInt64ToString to base::NumberToString by Daniel Cheng · 6 weeks ago
  11. d667217 Remove base::Value::IsType by jdoerrie · 6 weeks ago
  12. 83dce98 Remove base::SizeToToString[16] by Brett Wilson · 7 weeks ago
  13. b629a07 [signin] Use the new Chrome sync endpoint when signing in to Chrome with DICE. by Mihai Sardarescu · 7 weeks ago
  14. d50e109 Receiving ID token in gaia auth fetcher on refresh token fetch, and adding a decoder for it that detects if the account is a child account. by Luciana Maroun · 8 weeks ago
  15. 288794d Revert "Implement the calls to GAIA for the IDP IFrame protocol." by Alexander Alekseev · 8 weeks ago
  16. 2347221 Fix domAutomationController.sendWithId -> send transition from r499728. by Lukasz Anforowicz · 9 weeks ago
  17. 640a188 [signin] Parse "verified" bit from the ListAccounts Gaia endpoint by David Roger · 9 weeks ago
  18. e941be4 Lower minimum GCM heartbeat interval to 30 seconds. by Eric Sum · 2 months ago
  19. 9bf4c97 Update the GCM Engine OWNERS file by Peter Beverloo · 3 months ago
  20. e4e81da Mark programmatic_auth URL as deprecated. by Mihai Sardarescu · 3 months ago