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  1. a5047da [base] Rename TaskScheduler to ThreadPool by Gabriel Charette · 5 days ago master
  2. a290053 OOR-CORS: 3rd attempt to introduce ResourceRequest::cors_exempt_headers by Takashi Toyoshima · 10 days ago
  3. a6bb91a Fix a handful of HTTP URLs to HTTPS. by David Benjamin · 11 days ago
  4. 02d6b46 Revert "Preparation to convert GetPrimaryAccount to return CoreAccountInfo" by Sylvain Defresne · 11 days ago
  5. 5ef59ea Preparation to convert GetPrimaryAccount to return CoreAccountInfo by Sylvain Defresne · 2 weeks ago
  6. 451a718 Update remaining include paths for //base/hash/sha1.h by Daniel Cheng · 3 weeks ago
  7. 99d1e62 Remove unused clearOldAttempts call by Denis Kuznetsov · 3 weeks ago
  8. 87ca545 Run clang-tidy modernize-use-nullptr on //google_apis by Raul Tambre · 4 weeks ago
  9. f22b008 Use UniquePtrComparator in RequestSender. by David Benjamin · 4 weeks ago
  10. 461acaa Prepare for per-context resolvers with new creation methods by Eric Orth · 4 weeks ago
  11. ee50b2c Support Python 3 in //google_apis/build/ by Raul Tambre · 5 weeks ago
  12. 78f2d9e Always enable data URLs and disable file URLs with the network service. by John Abd-El-Malek · 6 weeks ago
  13. 0c9d0ab Revert "Reland: OOR-CORS: Introduce ResourceRequest::cors_exempt_headers" by Takashi Toyoshima · 6 weeks ago
  14. fb0132d Implement AuthNegotiateDelegateByKdcPolicy by Roman Sorokin · 6 weeks ago
  15. 440cd6d Use HostResolver from context for HttpAuth by Eric Orth · 7 weeks ago
  16. 44f2b2a Reland: OOR-CORS: Introduce ResourceRequest::cors_exempt_headers by Takashi Toyoshima · 7 weeks ago
  17. 0deadc6 Ensure that NetworkChangeNotifier on Android starts with the correct values in the network process. by John Abd-El-Malek · 7 weeks ago
  18. 1ba08a6 [s13n] Add identity::DiagnosticsProvider class by Sergio Villar Senin · 8 weeks ago
  19. c3f1b7c Use base::JSONReader::ReadDeprecated() in various [a-g]* directories. by Lei Zhang · 9 weeks ago
  20. 50f1851 Use base::BindOnce for PostTask callbacks. by kylechar · 9 weeks ago