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  1. 3583425 Revert "GpuMemoryBuffer: add image_xb30 capability and RGBX_1010102 BufferFormat" by Takeshi Yoshino · 26 hours ago master
  2. 76ad256 GpuMemoryBuffer: add image_xb30 capability and RGBX_1010102 BufferFormat by Miguel Casas · 2 days ago
  3. c86dd15 Fix warnings exposed by googletest update. by Victor Costan · 3 days ago
  4. 1087ca8 gpu: Ensure RingBuffer maintains aligned memory offsets. by Khushal · 4 days ago
  5. e2021ab kDisableSoftwareRasterizer should not block GPU process. by Zhenyao Mo · 4 days ago
  6. 012ba1c Fix InProcessCommandBuffer::SignalQueryOnGpuThread(). by kylechar · 5 days ago
  7. 563c1f5 Specify OOP raster SkSurface's format as GL_RGBA8 on desktop GL when SkColorType is kBGRA_8888 by Brian Salomon · 5 days ago
  8. ecb493f Release check GLFenceEGL::Create by Bo Liu · 5 days ago
  9. bac523c Switch GpuControl to OnceClosure by Jonathan Backer · 5 days ago
  10. 3ca7ebe canvas: Flush GrContext at regular intervals during draw. by Khushal · 5 days ago
  11. 652881e viz: Fix VizDisplayCompositor + EGL crashing GPU process. by kylechar · 6 days ago
  12. df3df46 Turn off "shader var init in a loop" on Mac Intel to avoid perf regression. by Zhenyao Mo · 6 days ago
  13. 2f275b3 Add missing #includes (IWYU). by Peter Kasting · 7 days ago
  14. b8bbd88 Revert "Roll src/third_party/googletest/src/ 0062e4869..ea31cb15f (76 commits)" by Victor Costan · 7 days ago
  15. 65cb83b Refactor ClientTransferCache for reuse by Jonathan Backer · 7 days ago
  16. 0bca987 Call XRootWindow instead of RootWindow by Joone Hur · 10 days ago
  17. 80725b1 Fix and re-enable GpuPreferencesUtilTest.EncodeDecode test. by Victor Miura · 10 days ago
  18. 8daf17b Remove browser side GPU info collection on Android plus by Zhenyao Mo · 10 days ago
  19. 1d8f749 Change sync objects to not be available in the current frame. by Kenneth Russell · 12 days ago
  20. c322093 Support --use-gl=angle on macOS by Corentin Wallez · 13 days ago