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  1. faffe75 Remove debugging code for swap chain creation failure by Sunny Sachanandani · 81 minutes ago master
  2. 9714f75 Adding a callback function to the DX12/Vulkan info collection path for the gpu info update by Maggie Chen · 22 hours ago
  3. 468cd95 Remove redundant rebase_path from gn file by Malay Keshav · 27 hours ago
  4. 91bf06f SkiaRenderer: Add SkiaOutputSurface to allow SkiaRenderer to use SkDDL by Peng Huang · 27 hours ago
  5. 415ad9a Enable GPU debug flags for unittests by Jonathan Backer · 31 hours ago
  6. ae14363 Implement raster SetColorSpaceMetadata by Jonathan Backer · 31 hours ago
  7. f20f57c Don't force virtualized contexts for tests by Jonathan Backer · 32 hours ago
  8. 2c23222 Remove unused dependencies on //mojo/common:common_custom_types by Oksana Zhuravlova · 33 hours ago
  9. 74b9314 Only run UpdateVSyncParameters when presentation feedback which is aligned with VSYNC. by Peng Huang · 35 hours ago
  10. 2ea555f Implement raster context loss methods by Jonathan Backer · 2 days ago
  11. af27302 Default to SwiftShader as software GL implementation on MacOS with EGL by Alexis Hetu · 2 days ago
  12. 534d57c gpu: merge skia workaround names with gpu workarounds by Adrienne Walker · 2 days ago
  13. 53093c2 Support presentation feedback for several GLSurface impls on Windows. by Peng Huang · 2 days ago
  14. cc762c6 Make GPUInfo and GpuFeatureInfo for hardware GPU optional in mojo. by Zhenyao Mo · 2 days ago
  15. 5e3ca3f Skip the Vulkan info collection for the older AMD drivers to avoid crashes by Maggie Chen · 3 days ago
  16. 8c8bcf1 Implement the msaa_is_slow and avoid_stencil_buffers gpu capabilities. by Geoff Lang · 3 days ago
  17. e39a9ea Remove worker context from main context share group by Jonathan Backer · 3 days ago
  18. 210b69d Base [android]: Introduce ScopedHardwareBufferHandle by Ken Rockot · 3 days ago
  19. 29d92bd [reland] When GPU process falls back to SwiftShader, about:gpu displays an extra copy of data for real GPU. by Zhenyao Mo · 6 days ago
  20. 38766cc Revert "When GPU process falls back to SwiftShader, about:gpu displays an extra copy of data for real GPU." by Jacob Dufault · 6 days ago