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  1. 936a46a [iOS] Remove extra lines in IOSChromePasswordCheckManagerTest by jlebel · 2 hours ago master
  2. db2f999 [ios] Bump minimum version of Xcode required by Sylvain Defresne · 4 hours ago
  3. 75ad3a2 Updating XTBs based on .GRDs from branch master by Krishna Govind · 13 hours ago
  4. a902e4a [iOS][test runner] Add a workaround for iOS WPR tests. by Zhaoyang Li · 13 hours ago
  5. 062f8f3 [iOS] Detect device rotation in NTPVC by adamta · 15 hours ago
  6. c861465 Migrate the Scroll workaround to JavaScriptFeature by Mohammad Refaat · 17 hours ago
  7. 4f7753a [Translate] Update use of term "original language" to "source language" by Anthony Cui · 18 hours ago
  8. 8e5b4bf [iOS][Thumb Strip] Update layout for background screenshot by Javier Ernesto Flores Robles · 18 hours ago
  9. 1ca8c6d [ios] Shows identity disc on refactored NTP. by sczs · 19 hours ago
  10. 6951ecc [iOS][Thumb Strip] Correctly calculate thumb strip offset during updates by Robbie Gibson · 19 hours ago
  11. b6fd863 [SH iOS] Log results of ShouldOffer by Tommy Martino · 19 hours ago
  12. 004af05 [iOS][MICE] Fix transition to MICE when Sync is disabled or in error. by Nohemi Fernandez · 19 hours ago
  13. 71d0057 [iOS][Safety Check] Enable by default by harrisonsean · 20 hours ago
  14. 3fa1592 [ios]🏢 Tab grid UI adjustment correspond to the by Tina Wang · 21 hours ago
  15. 3615362 Reland "[iOS] Reset PasswordCheckObserverBridge from SettingsTableViewController" by jlebel · 22 hours ago
  16. 5f8b39c [iOS] Allow BVC content to overflow outside the BVC view by Robbie Gibson · 22 hours ago
  17. c5dc68c [iOS][Thumb Strip] Fix BVC alignment on regular/incognito switch by Robbie Gibson · 22 hours ago
  18. e029fd3 [iOS][Settings] Fixes clear browsing data link by Ewann · 22 hours ago
  19. edc105d [ios] Attempt at more deflaking of testOpenInPDF|PNG by David Jean · 23 hours ago
  20. 9256160 Revert "[iOS] Reset PasswordCheckObserverBridge from SettingsTableViewController" by Kamila Hasanbega · 24 hours ago