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  1. 3b0f1b1 Fold x509_util_ios and most of x509_util_mac into x509_util_apple by David Benjamin · 2 minutes ago main master
  2. a36a1e4 Fix ReadingListDistillerPage::HandleGoogleCachedAMPPage crash by Mike Dougherty · 6 minutes ago
  3. bbb7c4d Fix RecentTabsTableViewController crash by Mike Dougherty · 2 hours ago
  4. 9bf01c4 ios: Various reverts of FRE experiment for MICe / default browser promo. by Justin Cohen · 3 hours ago
  5. 1af0cd9 Updating XTBs based on .GRDs from branch main by Ben Mason · 3 hours ago
  6. 129acbb Revert "[iOS] Password suggestion bubble eg test" by Adithya Srinivasan · 5 hours ago
  7. d4706fc [Frameworks roll] Roll to 451100388 piper revision by Internal Frameworks Autoroller · 11 hours ago
  8. 85fe9dd Make sure OptimizationGuide synthetic field trial is logged for the current log by Sophie Chang · 15 hours ago
  9. 4616a40 [iOS] Password suggestion bubble eg test by Christian Xu · 18 hours ago
  10. aa09cea Add translate client unit tests on iOS by Raj T · 18 hours ago
  11. 1c95eae Rename x509_util_ios_and_mac.h to x509_util_apple.h by David Benjamin · 19 hours ago
  12. 97f4b46 [iOS] [WebChannels] Remove auto scroll into Following feed by adamta · 19 hours ago
  13. f2b44ae [ios] Disable FullscreenTestCase.testShowHeaderOnNativePageLoad by Chris Lu · 20 hours ago
  14. 12d1329 Add meanings to title strings by Louis Romero · 20 hours ago
  15. 47906a1 [Frameworks roll] Roll to 450980908 piper revision by Internal Frameworks Autoroller · 20 hours ago
  16. 9551a59 ios: Add FastApplicationWillTerminate to skip thread shutdown. by Justin Cohen · 21 hours ago
  17. 53fa9aa Refactor the Autofill bubble presenter logic by Louis Romero · 21 hours ago
  18. 46d5382 chrome://policy: Remove use of deprecated cr/ui.m.js by Rebekah Potter · 21 hours ago
  19. 7a9f636 [ios] Remove top padding in TableViewTextLinkItem by Chris Lu · 22 hours ago
  20. b07e462 [IOS] Adding the FeedTopSection to the NTP by Mohammad Refaat · 24 hours ago