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  1. cf7c884 Decrease swipe length to accommodate new trigger swipe length in iOS13. by Lindsay Pasricha · 3 hours ago master
  2. 149d788 Remove minimum size field from FaviconServerFetcherParams by Victor Hugo Vianna Silva · 3 hours ago
  3. 94795f5 Moved tab-grid matcher to chrome_matchers. by Maksym Onufriienko · 3 hours ago
  4. eb481e9 Disabled testNavigateBackWithGesture for iOS 13 simulator. by Eugene But · 4 hours ago
  5. ad07419 Roll Xcode 11 to Beta 4 by Mike Dougherty · 5 hours ago
  6. e768400 Reland "Restructure //components/signin/ios for IdentityManager" by Henrique Ferreiro · 6 hours ago
  7. fc7b1d0 [iOS] CWTWebDriverAppInterface: Fix accessor names to match the style guide by Ali Juma · 7 hours ago
  8. c589106 Revert "Restructure //components/signin/ios for IdentityManager" by Greg Thompson · 11 hours ago
  9. dcc6b7c [Password Manager] Remove password export metrics by Christos Froussios · 12 hours ago
  10. cc2ad2b [iOS][DarkMode] Remove inactive tab line separator by Javier Ernesto Flores Robles · 13 hours ago
  11. 71bc308 Restructure //components/signin/ios for IdentityManager by Henrique Ferreiro · 13 hours ago
  12. 64f7c92 [ios] Expands InfobarContainerCoordinator unittests. by sczs · 19 hours ago
  13. cba23d9 Disable FontSizeJsTest.* when running on iOS13 and compiled with Xcode10 by Yi Su · 26 hours ago
  14. 2cc40b0 [iOS] Remove background color for text in TableViewImageItem by Jérôme Lebel · 27 hours ago
  15. 192a169 [ios] Remove LegacyInfobarBadgeTabHelperDeleagte by Chris Lu · 28 hours ago
  16. 5b074a0 [iOS] Update NTP constraints on trait collections changes by Gauthier Ambard · 28 hours ago
  17. e12cb6d [iOS] Replace AlertViewController colors with new semantic colors by Robbie Gibson · 29 hours ago
  18. e0319b2 [ios] Remove BadgeCoordinator by Chris Lu · 29 hours ago
  19. 9ebc078 [iOS] Update Tab Strip Assets by Javier Ernesto Flores Robles · 29 hours ago
  20. ceeca75 [iOS] Support dark mode on content suggestions/NTP by Robbie Gibson · 30 hours ago