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  1. 654ea81 [iOS][Default Promo] Fix 'iOS' capitalization issue by Javier Ernesto Flores Robles 路 54 minutes ago master
  2. ec8c40d 馃惢 [Pandora] Plugging the new FRE UI behind a flag by Tina Wang 路 55 minutes ago
  3. 6d2b9ba [iOS][Default Promo] Add tailored promo histograms by Javier Ernesto Flores Robles 路 66 minutes ago
  4. 4b696fa [iOS] Moving instance variables to properties by jlebel 路 3 hours ago
  5. 3b1aabc [ios] Fix Showcase by Sylvain Defresne 路 6 hours ago
  6. 21d9c9e Support [Get/Set]BrowserProfileType on iOS. by Ramin Halavati 路 7 hours ago
  7. 327a671 [sync] Rename term 'secondary' with 'explicit' wrt passphrase by Mikel Astiz 路 8 hours ago
  8. 0355f85 [iOS]馃惢[FRE] Create shared overlay view by Gauthier Ambard 路 9 hours ago
  9. 9d769a3 Updating XTBs based on .GRDs from branch main by Ben Mason 路 9 hours ago
  10. 8d46321 [Frameworks roll] Roll to 369812212 piper revision by Internal Frameworks Autoroller 路 11 hours ago
  11. b6793a5 [iOS][Default Promo] Log promo interactions by Javier Ernesto Flores Robles 路 14 hours ago
  12. cede496 [iOS] Add Tab Grid context menu actions by Mike Dougherty 路 16 hours ago
  13. 92d70ce [iOS] Replace "Read Later" action name with "Add to Reading List" by Mike Dougherty 路 19 hours ago
  14. 36eecae [Frameworks roll] Roll to 369703697 piper revision by Internal Frameworks Autoroller 路 21 hours ago
  15. 4e66cc0 [SH iOS] Cleanup kScrollToTextIOS flag by Tommy Martino 路 23 hours ago
  16. 390eab3 Fix resume from foreground inactive issue by gogerald 路 24 hours ago
  17. 3f67234 Fix header guards in ios/. by Lei Zhang 路 25 hours ago
  18. b4d9b64 Change the recent tabs delegate methods name to be more clear by Mohammad Refaat 路 26 hours ago
  19. 73626f9 Enable -Wimplicit-retain-self for //ios/web_view:web_view_sources by Roger McFarlane 路 26 hours ago
  20. 13ab3b7 [iOS][MICE] Reload URL after the user signs in through the web. by Nohemi Fernandez 路 27 hours ago