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  1. af304b9 Remove CallbackCounter class by Sylvain Defresne · 46 minutes ago master
  2. ef5d2ee Convert JavaScriptResultCallback to a OnceCallback by Sylvain Defresne · 2 hours ago
  3. 5d651cb [iOS] Truncate OverscrollActionView labels to be half the view's width. by Kurt Horimoto · 3 hours ago
  4. 66e4ef0 [iOS] Update OverscrollActionView colors to match mocks for UI refresh. by Kurt Horimoto · 6 hours ago
  5. c640a23 [ios] Removes TableContainerVC, Creates TableViewNavigationController by sczs · 6 hours ago
  6. 9503f71 [iOS] Add labels to overscroll actions. by Kurt Horimoto · 7 hours ago
  7. 799ae2e Remove use of URLRequestContextGetter from the network service. by Matt Menke · 7 hours ago
  8. 37fb916 [iOS] Don't reset fullscreen state for same-document navigations. by Kurt Horimoto · 8 hours ago
  9. 84f4464 Remove unnecessary include of bind_objc_block.h by Sylvain Defresne · 9 hours ago
  10. 62df4ab [ios] More NTP test fixes. by Justin Cohen · 10 hours ago
  11. 1815125 [iOS] Use ARC attributes for OverscrollActionView properties. by Kurt Horimoto · 10 hours ago
  12. bc0c82c [ios] Enable command line parameters in release builds. by Justin Cohen · 11 hours ago
  13. 62d1b78 [ios] Add back missing top safe area insets by Justin Cohen · 11 hours ago
  14. ee429e2 Implement local storage of credit cards in //ios/web_view. by John Z Wu · 11 hours ago
  15. 755248a [ios] Fixes URLOpenerTest and TabOpenerTest. by Rohit Rao · 11 hours ago
  16. 0ab253b Remove unnecessary include of bind_objc_block.h by Sylvain Defresne · 13 hours ago
  17. c76c83c [iOS UI Refresh] Disable URL coloring in the omnibox textfield. by · 14 hours ago
  18. f9e323a [iOS] Trigger correct animation for new Tab grid cells. by Mark Cogan · 16 hours ago
  19. 375f515 [ios] Removes the BookmarkModel property from BookmarkActivity. by Rohit Rao · 17 hours ago
  20. 02e9c68 Prevent UKM clients from recording URLs for NAVIGATION_ID sources. by Bryan McQuade · 27 hours ago