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  1. 70bed4b Fix android OOM media test bug. by Chris Cunningham · 23 hours ago master
  2. ea81c56 Rotate to Fullscreen: enable feature by default. by Mounir Lamouri · 26 hours ago
  3. 20d7d41 media: Implement MojoVideoDecoder::CanReadWithoutStalling(). by sandersd · 30 hours ago
  4. 079b40d media: Catch all exceptions thrown by MediaCodec#flush() by Chris Watkins · 31 hours ago
  5. 5289304 media: Enable encrypted media tests using mojo CDM by Xiaohan Wang · 2 days ago
  6. 38cce8d Reland "gpu: Add message filter destructor stack traces to crash keys." by Sunny Sachanandani · 2 days ago
  7. 9dcc40d Make ~SurfaceTextureGLOwner check for null Surface. by · 2 days ago
  8. 32a71c8 MSE: Calculate SourceBufferRange range end PTS times by Matt Wolenetz · 2 days ago
  9. 05271c7 Allow video buffering headroom for high resolution frames. by Dale Curtis · 2 days ago
  10. 89ce015 media: Add VideoFrameFactory unittest by Chris Watkins · 2 days ago
  11. b3b20f9 Delete layout test analyzer. Hasn't been used for years. by Dale Curtis · 2 days ago
  12. 473f64a [Video Capture] Log name and id of real camera device used in tests by Christian Fremerey · 2 days ago
  13. abc4a18 Image Capture Android: fix broken single-shot auto focus by Miguel Casas-Sanchez · 3 days ago
  14. f756d5c Image Capture win: initialize camera controls lazily by Miguel Casas-Sanchez · 3 days ago
  15. ffe1921 Reland [Mojo Video Capture] Add support for ImageCapture API to video_capture service by Christian Fremerey · 3 days ago
  16. 6ab6680 Use fullscreen hint from WMPI in AVDA. by · 3 days ago
  17. 2de0aa7 media: Restore VideoFrame texture filter after importing in Skia. by Daniele Castagna · 3 days ago
  18. a72cc9b media: Add VideoFrameFactory for MediaCodecVideoDecoder to create frames by Chris Watkins · 3 days ago
  19. a998f3b Detect AudioInputStream muting and propagate to MediaStreamAudioSource. by ossu · 4 days ago
  20. cd77b68 Remove obsolete AudioInputStream::AudioInputCallback::OnData(). by Henrik Grunell · 4 days ago