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  1. faac0f8 [Private Network Access] Avoid notifying about closed socket. by Titouan Rigoudy · 10 hours ago main
  2. 209ac18 Enable built-in resolver also when DoT is supported by system by Stefano Duo · 13 hours ago
  3. cb04fa6 Add DnsConfig's DNS-over-TLS settings to DnsConfigOverrides by Stefano Duo · 15 hours ago
  4. 3d4d278 Remove Net.Port.Alpaca histogram by Adam Rice · 17 hours ago
  5. 3fe3bc5 Check policy existence in NELServiceImpl::OnPoliciesLoaded by Yutaka Hirano · 26 hours ago

Chrome Networking Stack

This directory contains the code behind Chrome's networking stack. It is documented here.