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  1. 134119c Reland "Remove WaitSyncTokenCHROMIUM command" by Sunny Sachanandani · 5 days ago master
  2. 175202f Don't build ppapi/{proxy,shared_impl} with jumbo in nacl by Daniel Bratell · 10 days ago
  3. c426a91 Remove references to thrid_party/WebKit in various code by Kent Tamura · 2 weeks ago
  4. 158564a [scheduler] Making MessageLoop backend variant dependent on Finch config. by Karolina Soltys · 3 weeks ago
  5. e31803c IPC_STRUCT_BEGIN: Don't explicitly default copy constructors etc by Hans Wennborg · 3 weeks ago
  6. f26c6ad Jumbo support for ppapi (-7.5 CPU minutes) by Daniel Bratell · 4 weeks ago
  7. 87d9398 [ppapi] Merged two identical interface_name by Daniel Bratell · 5 weeks ago
  8. dd57913 [message_loop] Remove message_loop_forward.h by Alexander Timin · 6 weeks ago
  9. 63b4e0f [message_loop] Temporary introduce message_loop_forward.h. by Alexander Timin · 6 weeks ago
  10. d2dece3 [base] Make base::Thread::message_loop private. by Alexander Timin · 7 weeks ago
  11. 18c6efd [ppapi] undef MemoryBarrier on Windows to avoid atomicops clash by Daniel Bratell · 7 weeks ago
  12. 80a0a36 Fix invalid downcast in by David Benjamin · 7 weeks ago
  13. 4c06726 [ppapi] Renamed two global variables and types in ppapi/proxy by Daniel Bratell · 7 weeks ago
  14. 0d3e62d [ppapi] Merged three RunCallback methods doing the same thing by Daniel Bratell · 7 weeks ago
  15. 59d5d97 Make CORB exceptions for plugins resilient to NetworkService crashes. by Lukasz Anforowicz · 8 weeks ago
  16. 4914703 Simplify internalformat handling for GpuMemoryBuffer by Antoine Labour · 8 weeks ago
  17. 4e233d6 Improve matching of similar characters in PDF search by Ryan Harrison · 8 weeks ago
  18. c95bc2e A part of split CL to remove -Wno-enum-compare-switch flag by Takuto Ikuta · 8 weeks ago
  19. dca6188 Fix one implicit 64-bit -> 32-bit implicit conversion in a PPAPI test. by Will Harris · 9 weeks ago
  20. 1b29049 Revert "Remove WaitSyncTokenCHROMIUM command" by Sunny Sachanandani · 9 weeks ago