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  1. bdb9e01 Make Service Manager unit-tests compile for Fuchsia. by Wez · 11 hours ago master
  2. 055c077 buildbot: Move remaining webkit scripts to JSON config. by Tim 'mithro' Ansell · 11 hours ago
  3. 07a12be Specialize Mac Intel GPU jobs to 10.12.5. by Kenneth Russell · 11 hours ago
  4. 9e8798e Fix base::Process::Current().Pid() and .Terminate(). by Wez · 13 hours ago
  5. effe33f [Android] Restore suites on android_n5x_swarming_rel. by John Budorick · 13 hours ago
  6. 170d514 Remove Chromium Win 10 GCE Tests (Win 7 Build) by smut · 13 hours ago
  7. aaa151d buildbot: Remove --results-json-override-with-build-property usage. by Tim 'mithro' Ansell · 14 hours ago
  8. b007ba5 Re-purpose feature to use as a kill switch for Incident Reporting by proberge · 17 hours ago
  9. 1e48835 Disable Android tough video cases on webview by Charlie Andrews · 18 hours ago
  10. 40de98f fuchsia: move comment in net_unittests filter by Scott Graham · 19 hours ago
  11. fd1d59c Decrease the swarming I/O timeout for perf tests from 1h to 10m by Charlie Andrews · 23 hours ago
  12. de48321 ResourceLoadScheduler: add the memory stats feature to fieldtrial test config by Kunihiko Sakamoto · 23 hours ago
  13. 58fb0be buildbot: Fix incorrect dimensions for Mac 10.12 waterfall builders. by Tim 'mithro' Ansell · 32 hours ago
  14. 268839e buildbot: Fix incorrect dimensions for Mac 10.12 waterfall builders. by Tim 'mithro' Ansell · 33 hours ago
  15. f98f3ea buildbot: Fixing Webkit Random Order bot. by Tim 'mithro' Ansell · 33 hours ago
  16. de0ad89 buildbot: Deploy LayoutTests on swarming on Mac waterfall builders. by Tim 'mithro' Ansell · 35 hours ago
  17. a22dcba LayoutTests: Adding missing Mac 10.11.6 Retina build. by Tim 'mithro' Ansell · 36 hours ago
  18. bf34b5a Hide chromeos window resize shadow when window hides unexpectedly. by Evan Stade · 2 days ago
  19. ad87ae5 Fix NetworkThrottleManager to pass TickClock to base::Timer. by Sergey Ulanov · 2 days ago
  20. 6b168d5 Remove Linux ChromiumOS Ozone Tests (1) json. by kylechar · 2 days ago