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  1. 8daf553 [code coverage] Remove libfuzzer_tests from fuzzer target list. by Shuotao Gao · 12 hours ago master
  2. a0b3d59 ws: Queue input events on delivery, not dispatch. by Mike Wasserman · 15 hours ago
  3. d64c575 Add WebRTC-Audio-NetEqForceTargetDelayPercentile field trial to testing config by Jakob Ivarsson · 16 hours ago
  4. 9bd6836 Remove deprecated CustomFeedback flow for Android. by Ted Choc · 16 hours ago
  5. fff5306 chromeos: gets a bunch of MultiUserWindowManager related tests passing by Scott Violet · 17 hours ago
  6. 666e189 [libFuzzer] Improve Windows documentation by Jonathan Metzman · 18 hours ago
  7. bbe187e Generalize reproducing docs for libFuzzer and AFL. by Abhishek Arya · 19 hours ago
  8. 803a624 Reland "Stop creating net::URLRequestContext in the browser process when network service is enabled." by John Abd-El-Malek · 21 hours ago
  9. e146ef4 Disable network_service_interactive_ui_tests, network_service_content_browsertests on ToTLinuxTSan by Nico Weber · 21 hours ago
  10. 4c4c27e lock_screen_apps::StateController: Remove app window on close by Steven Bennetts · 22 hours ago
  11. b99cf6e Add 10.13 slices for mac gpu tests by Brad Hall · 22 hours ago
  12. 3233e4e Disable interactive_ui_tests: SwitchAccessTest for Mash by Steven Bennetts · 23 hours ago
  13. 70f5c4f Remove webgl_conformance_gles_passthrough_tests from android-marshmallow-arm64-rel by Geoff Lang · 23 hours ago
  14. a190471 Re-enable browser_tests on a bunch of mac bots. by Nico Weber · 24 hours ago
  15. be3a2d2 Add SequenceManager to field trial testing config by Carlos Caballero · 24 hours ago
  16. 05091fc Add chooser-exception-list-entry Polymer element by Ovidio Henriquez · 24 hours ago
  17. f4a64a2 Reland "Reland of: [code coverage] Add all fuzzer targets" by Roberto Carrillo · 25 hours ago
  18. b428b7b Disable the three sync_integration_tests that fail under tsan and run suite on tsan bot. by Nico Weber · 26 hours ago
  19. 24200db Make ToTLinuxTSan test list more similar to main waterfall TSan bot. by Nico Weber · 28 hours ago
  20. b787ff6 Disable the two blink_heap_unittests that fail under tsan and run suite on tsan bot. by Nico Weber · 28 hours ago