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  1. 48c3fd7 Add chromium_gtests to linux-blink-heap-incremental-marking. by John Budorick · 5 hours ago master
  2. a8e2563 Revert "Stop multithreading for browser_tests on mac." by Kenneth Russell · 5 hours ago
  3. 216053a Fix external display rotation in tablet mode by Weidong Guo · 6 hours ago
  4. da621ff Make magnifiers respond to native Views focus change events by Ahmed Fakhry · 7 hours ago
  5. 53ccdd7 Add a few more suites to cros vm test bot. by Benjamin Pastene · 8 hours ago
  6. c71afe5 Reland "Revert "Temporarily disable angle_vulkan_deqp_tests."" by Jamie Madill · 8 hours ago
  7. 8b070a1 cros: Remove ash::Shell access from first-run webui handler by James Cook · 9 hours ago
  8. 3c3e3c9 Revert "Reland "Only retry failed tests for layout tests"" by Stephen Martinis · 10 hours ago
  9. b8470e6 Reland "Only retry failed tests for layout tests" by Stephen Martinis · 10 hours ago
  10. 9a97bb7 Revert "Webkit layout test runner: Add option for zero tests executed" by Jesse Doherty · 11 hours ago
  11. 1dcfaf4 Reland "Temporarily disable angle_vulkan_deqp_tests." by Jamie Madill · 11 hours ago
  12. ceaa283 Finish removal of fuzzing SkRRectsGaussianEdgeMaskFilter by Jonathan Metzman · 12 hours ago
  13. 0993e9a media: Add --override-enabled-cdm-interface-version switch by Xiaohan Wang · 12 hours ago
  14. bbbfc94 Webkit layout test runner: Add option for zero tests executed by Stephen Martinis · 13 hours ago
  15. 548c49c cc_perftests: Stop running on the perf bots. by Sadrul Habib Chowdhury · 13 hours ago
  16. eec15ac Introduce a protobuf-based FormData fuzzer by Vaclav Brozek · 13 hours ago
  17. eb324a2 Update Android Nexus5X to trigger jobs in right pool by Emily Hanley · 18 hours ago
  18. 93f11ee Trigger jobs on linux-nvidia-perf using new recipe. by Emily Hanley · 19 hours ago
  19. 4652bad Revert "Run ASAN/MSAN/TSAN gl_tests on physical hardware." by Morten Stenshorne · 20 hours ago
  20. de1475e Improve tool-tip handling for OOPIFs. by W. James MacLean · 25 hours ago