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  1. f7f0df8 Roll Xcode beta targets to Xcode16 B4 by Will Yeager · 36 minutes ago main
  2. f5f730e [Tab Switcher] Add IPH for floating action button by Calder Kitagawa · 90 minutes ago
  3. adfe678 kiosk: Remove KioskPixelTest by Edman Anjos · 6 hours ago
  4. 4a666b3 [Profiles] Enable OutlineSilhouetteIcon in browser tests by Amelie Schneider · 7 hours ago
  5. 89d594d Greenify content_browsertests on android-mte-arm64-rel by Takashi Sakamoto · 8 hours ago
  6. 0d96628 [lacros skew tests] Refresh skew tests for M129 by chrome-weblayer-builder · 9 hours ago
  7. 069b68b Remove Autofill bottom sheet field trial testing config. by elabadysayed · 10 hours ago
  8. 52ce121 Revert "Warm up spare renderer after each navigation on Android" by Benoit Lize · 16 hours ago
  9. 45a0a0b Ablation study: Suppress SearchPrefetch on slow network by Minoru Chikamune · 16 hours ago
  10. c5c260d Clean up DynamicCrxDownloaderPriority experiment by Noah Rose Ledesma · 16 hours ago
  11. f0267f8 Enable PRE tests on content_browsertests on Android 14 with Pixel 7 by Haiyang Pan · 18 hours ago
  12. 9ea8611 Structured Metrics: Reduce upload cadence to 10 minutes by Andrew Bregger · 18 hours ago
  13. ba3034b [xhr] XHR submission detection enabled by default by Ernesto Izquierdo Clua · 20 hours ago
  14. e47e850 Update fieldtrial config to add WebViewPreloadClass to combined exp by Clark DuVall · 21 hours ago
  15. bf9efb7 [lacros skew tests] Refresh skew tests for M129 by chrome-weblayer-builder · 21 hours ago
  16. de16857 [desktop] Add flag to change frame rate of loading tab spinner by Victor Hugo Vianna Silva · 22 hours ago
  17. 1d89da3 Update fieldtrial_testing_config for HeapProfilingCentralControl by Joe Mason · 22 hours ago
  18. b45d896 Reland "Add support for Enterprise Extensible SSO on Mac" by Yann Dago · 23 hours ago
  19. fc9f5f0 [FPF] Add dry_run fieldtrial_testing_config entry by Patricia Alfonso · 23 hours ago
  20. 8cd8bbb Enable kAutofillEnableBenefitsSync by default by Alexander Tekle · 23 hours ago