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  1. c01ff31 [ElementTiming] Ship ElementTiming API by Nicolás Peña Moreno · 40 minutes ago master
  2. 91f01d4 media/gpu: Add a VaapiWebPDecoder by Gil Dekel · 56 minutes ago
  3. 4d4bf6e Add reflection testing to toast open and type IDL attributes by Jack Steinberg · 64 minutes ago
  4. 33c9dc2 Add type option to showToast helper by Jack Steinberg · 72 minutes ago
  5. 52ea2a2 [LargestContentfulPaint] Add type to supportedEntryTypes by Nicolás Peña Moreno · 2 hours ago
  6. 733699c Fix WebGLLayer test expectations by Alex Cooper · 2 hours ago
  7. 5d2b72d [ElementTiming] Replace responseEnd with loadTime by Nicolás Peña Moreno · 2 hours ago
  8. 18ca795 Migrate interfaces from notification_service.mojom to new Mojo types by Mario Sanchez Prada · 3 hours ago
  9. 83b5656 [LargestContentfulPaint] Replace responseEnd with loadTime by Nicolás Peña Moreno · 3 hours ago
  10. fd17435 [LayoutNG] Remove shrink-to-fit optimization. by Ian Kilpatrick · 3 hours ago
  11. 3d2eb81 Remove last failing web test for NavigationLoaderOnUI by Clark DuVall · 4 hours ago
  12. cf8b5c6 Fixing rendering of backdrop-filter with opacity by Mason Freed · 4 hours ago
  13. 1a43feb Add toast type attribute support with IDL property and default styles by Jack Steinberg · 4 hours ago
  14. e5ff979 Move SetHasTouchEventHandlers from WebLayerTreeView to WebWidgetClient (14/n) by danakj · 4 hours ago
  15. d0f9ebd Making ExistingDrawingCanvas fail if the context is lost by Juanmi Huertas · 4 hours ago
  16. 9a98be8 Handle color valued keyframes on the compositor by Adam Raine · 4 hours ago
  17. 8d699b58 CSS @media (width: *px) may not work if devicePixelRatio is greater than 1. by Jinfeng Ma · 5 hours ago
  18. c0a81da PlzWorker: Support UI thread interceptors. by Matt Falkenhagen · 5 hours ago
  19. bb9fbee PlzWorker: Use ServiceWorkerNavigationHandle. by Matt Falkenhagen · 5 hours ago
  20. a2ee2c5 LazyImage: Add WPT tests for picture elements by rajendrant · 5 hours ago