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  1. 5d17e4b [DevTools] better errors for Target.sendMessageToTarget by Alexey Kozyatinskiy · 12 hours ago master
  2. 5f2e618 Revert implementing Lazy Parsing for Pseudo attributes (before/after) by Naina Raisinghani · 14 hours ago
  3. 6f4ce1b DevTools: auto-group console messages by Erik Luo · 17 hours ago
  4. 5236275 DevTools: Instantly rescale Perfmon chart on start up. by Alexei Filippov · 23 hours ago
  5. e6a3656 Avoid InheritedRotationChecker Jumbo clash by Eric Willigers · 26 hours ago
  6. eec8d11 Align 'IsPotentiallyTrustworthy' with the spec for `localhost`. by Mike West · 26 hours ago
  7. 9743ba1 [Presentation API] Enforce sandboxing flags for presentations. by mark a. foltz · 29 hours ago
  8. f383a14 Remove WTFLogAlways in blink by Gyuyoung Kim · 30 hours ago
  9. 8c1044b CSS Motion Path: Animation of ray() paths by Eric Willigers · 33 hours ago
  10. f4cd0b5 Replace WTF::RefPtr with scoped_refptr in modules/ by tzik · 33 hours ago
  11. 19024eb DevTools: allow configuring interception with pairs of url patterns and types. by Pavel Feldman · 34 hours ago
  12. 947dc5e Update AudioWorkletNode's channel count when input channel count changes by Hongchan Choi · 34 hours ago
  13. d66e812 [Devtools] Interception now always gets file contents as blob by Nathan Bruer · 35 hours ago
  14. f0805f2 CSS: Use counter for negative brightness filter by Eric Willigers · 35 hours ago
  15. 4fde433 Use scoped_refptr instead of WTF::RefPtr in platform/blob by Gyuyoung Kim · 36 hours ago
  16. f0a056b Move files from components/metrics/proto to third_party/metrics_proto by Steven Holte · 36 hours ago
  17. 3389d50 [Devtools] Network Overrides new UI by Nathan Bruer · 36 hours ago
  18. d256cac MD Extensions: pass subpermissions through extensionsInfo by Scott Chen · 36 hours ago
  19. 745a64f [ServiceWorker] Implement ServiceWorkerRegistrationObjectHost.Unregister by Han Leon · 2 days ago
  20. 0707e01 [LayoutNG] Support atomic inlines in offset mapping by Xiaocheng Hu · 2 days ago