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  1. 1cb004a Roll src/third_party/boringssl/src 6410e18e9..6b0d82229 by Steven Valdez · 32 minutes ago master
  2. ad96811 Remove [TreatNullAs=NullString] from data attribute on CharacterData by Amos Lim · 34 minutes ago
  3. 2915d47 Use mojo classes from ui/gfx/geometry in XRRay mojo type by Max Rebuschatis · 42 minutes ago
  4. 8b709b7 AsyncTask ErrorProne check by Sam Maier · 46 minutes ago
  5. 82c8f60 [DevTools] cleanup source maps by Alexey Kozyatinskiy · 51 minutes ago
  6. 56c3888 [run_web_tests] Fix --reset-results when platform baseline exists but fallback doesn't by Xianzhu Wang · 55 minutes ago
  7. 3d2ca73 Don't compute viewport intersection if parent frame is throttled by Stefan Zager · 66 minutes ago
  8. dddc255 Revert "[scheduler] Replace DCHECK for frozen and visible state with DumpWithoutCrashing" by Scott Haseley · 82 minutes ago
  9. afc96d7 Add UMA histogram to measure how long beforeunload dialogs are open. by Annie Sullivan · 2 hours ago
  10. bde0c77 Ignoring middleClickAutoscroll-latching.html timeout on mac. by Chris Mumford · 2 hours ago
  11. 657e41b cocoa: remove all Cocoa content setting UI by Elly Fong-Jones · 3 hours ago
  12. 7481ea6 DevTools: fix repeat bubble overlap for commands, results by Erik Luo · 3 hours ago
  13. 9487660 scheduler: Use the default task runner at RenderWidget::OnClose instead of per-frame task runner by Hajime Hoshi · 4 hours ago
  14. bde1f6f Provide LivenessObserver to check for collected objects by Michael Lippautz · 4 hours ago
  15. 4cc8258 Fix element creation in wpt/svg/idlharness.window.js by Fredrik Söderquist · 4 hours ago
  16. 9bf4d29 Add some layout tests for unsafe redirects by Clark DuVall · 4 hours ago
  17. 2300f76 Import wpt@84e4760bcee0cb2d439b28e47e331f87f70b9cfc by Chromium WPT Sync · 4 hours ago
  18. 97af7fc Completes implementation of AXPosition in Blink by Nektarios Paisios · 5 hours ago
  19. b225bd3 [PE] Fix performance issue in PaintController::FindOutOfOrderCachedItemForward() by Xianzhu Wang · 5 hours ago
  20. 00810cd Fix pages with feed mime types not being rendered as plain text with network service. by John Abd-El-Malek · 6 hours ago