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  1. cd66427 media/video: Add encoding mode to SupportedProfile by Clarissa Garvey · 19 minutes ago main master
  2. 8459234 Storage Buckets: reject API calls when context is destroyed by Evan Stade · 25 minutes ago
  3. 06c50e7 Make deferred/module scripts wait for blocking stylesheets by Hiroshige Hayashizaki · 31 minutes ago
  4. 8a87a30 ImageDecoderTest.DecoderCreationMixedCaseMimeType fails on Linux TSan by Pete Williamson · 37 minutes ago
  5. 8c6b4ef [DPI-independent text] Force high resolution when geometric-precision by Koji Ishii · 43 minutes ago

The third_party directory contains sources from other projects.

For guidelines on adding a new package to the third_party directory can be found at //docs/