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  1. 8d15025 Remove AXNodeObject::InheritsPresentationalRoleFrom by Dominic Mazzoni · 17 hours ago master
  2. 986c431 Add support for JPEG XL emulation by Alex Rudenko · 23 hours ago
  3. 669154b Use LayoutForDevtools for flexbox lines and baselines by Alex Rudenko · 23 hours ago
  4. a545470 Refactor WebViewImpl::BestTapNode by Koji Ishii · 24 hours ago
  5. 3acba4e MediaRecorder: allow GC. by Markus Handell · 25 hours ago
  6. 36ff1e8 [ReplacedNG] Move computing block lengths above inline lengths. by Ian Kilpatrick · 32 hours ago
  7. 43d27ad [SelectMenu] Add basic support for positioning <selectmenu>'s popup. by Ionel Popescu · 32 hours ago
  8. a1ad513 Revert "[TableNG] Turn off for M91 branch point." by Ian Kilpatrick · 32 hours ago
  9. aec472b [ReplacedNG] Use MinMaxSizes within ComputeReplacedSize. by Ian Kilpatrick · 33 hours ago
  10. 7ea534b [ReplacedNG] Move natural-size normalization into separate function. by Ian Kilpatrick · 33 hours ago
  11. b15a5ba Support override expectation by Weizhong Xia · 33 hours ago
  12. e07ef0f Remove VideoFrame::CloneFromNative(). Simplify VideoFrame::clone(). by Dale Curtis · 33 hours ago
  13. 2dbe4a3 Polymer: Modify to process @polymer paths of .d.ts files. by dpapad · 33 hours ago
  14. c8c9638 Highlight API: Add support to the CSSParser by Fernando Fiori · 34 hours ago
  15. 9f61e8b Add getImageData test with color conversion by Yi Xu · 34 hours ago
  16. 6c748fd Reland "Make ClientView a child of the NonClientFrameView" by Amanda Baker · 34 hours ago
  17. be65dbb Delete all code for HTML Imports by Mason Freed · 34 hours ago
  18. 3f4cd2b javascript: urls and XSLT commits should replace the current item the normal way by Nate Chapin · 34 hours ago
  19. c071be8 Revert "Update references to 'master' in blink's" by Xianzhu Wang · 35 hours ago
  20. 5812e76 Update references to 'master' in blink's by Xianzhu Wang · 35 hours ago