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Commit queue master process scripts.
This script requires privileged access to be able to impersonate svn
credentials. When it detects it's not run on the main server, it will run in
'dry run' mode where it has no effect; it doesn't modify issues on rietveld or
commit patches.
Design overview:
The commit queue process runs a tight loop that does 2 things in parallel:
- Scans for new reviews on a rietveld instance with commit bit (c+) set and
enqueue these to the commit queue.
- Manages the pending entries in the commit queue by testing each item
independently and committing as soon as all the signals for a specific review
are green.
The life of a pending commit is:
- If any of the following steps fail; mark the review c-, remove from the queue
and add a comment on the review.
- Run presubmit scripts and make sure there is a LGTM from a valid reviewer.
- Send the patch to the try server on relevant builders and run relevant
- Wait for all try jobs completes and be green.
- Sync local checkout to HEAD.
- Apply the patch.
- Commit as the user.
Each verification step is done through a Verifier plug-in. Every Verifier is a
single python file in verifications/.