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Tools for working with Chromium development. It requires python 2.7.


The most important tools are:

  • fetch: A gclient wrapper to checkout a project. Use fetch --help for more details.
  • gclient: A meta-checkout tool. Think repo or git submodules, except that it support OS-specific rules, e.g. do not checkout Windows only dependencies when checking out for Android. Use gclient help for more details and
  • git cl: A code review tool to interact with Rietveld or Gerrit. Use git cl help for more details and
  • roll-dep: A gclient dependency management tool to submit a dep roll, updating a dependency to a newer revision.

There are a lot of git utilities included.


depot_tools updates itself automatically when running gclient tool. To disable auto update, set the environment variable DEPOT_TOOLS_UPDATE=0.

To update package manually, run update_depot_tools.bat on Windows, or ./update_depot_tools on Linux or Mac.

On Windows only, running gclient will install git and python.


To contribute change for review:

git new-branch <somename>
# Hack
git add .
git commit -a -m "Fixes goat teleporting"
# find reviewers
git cl owners
git log -- <yourfiles>

# Request a review.
git cl upload -r, --send-mail

# Edit change description if needed.
git cl desc

# If change is approved, flag it to be committed.
git cl set-commit

# If change needs more work.
git rebase-update
git cl upload -t "Fixes goat teleporter destination to be Australia"

See also open bugs, open reviews, forum or report problems.

Until 2018, our was a copy of the upstream version at Unfortunately, that repository is not maintained any more. If you want to update in depot_tools, just upload a patch to do so. We will figure out a long-term strategy via issue

Note that the here is also used by the Tricium analyzer, so if the here changes, we should also update the copy used there.