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From: Chase Phillips <>
Subject: Retrieving and parsing broken page cycler results
The 20110103-fix directory contains script and archived files to recapture
page cycler timing data for builds between r69491 and r70279.
On Fri Dec 17 2010, I committed r69491, a contributor patch to the page
cycler. The intent of this patch was to store and retrieve PLT ("page
load time") data using HTML5 sessionStorage API. I failed to catch the
fact that the new output's timing values were no longer being parsed by
the Buildbot log parser. On Wed Dec 29 2010, Brett noticed this and,
after letting me know, I committed r70279 to fix the issue from then on.
All output that was generated by builds between r69491 and r70279 was not
parsed by the Buildbot log parser. In Jan 2011, I undertook an effort to
capture and parse that stdio.
This README and the script are kept for reference. The
data files have been removed from the latest checkout to free up space.