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These are the scripts used to build mesa-related Debian packages for Crostini.


These scripts are designed to run on a Debian-based system. The following packages must be installed:

  • debhelper
  • debian-archive-keyring
  • pbuilder
  • quilt
  • qemu-user-static (if building for a non-native architecture)

pbuilder setup

Copy the pbuilder configuration from this directory to /root:

sudo cp -r .pbuilder{,rc} /root

Create a directory to store build artifacts, e.g. artifacts:

mkdir artifacts

To create a chroot:

sudo ./ bullseye amd64 "$(realpath artifacts)"

An existing chroot will not be overwritten, to force creation of a new chroot delete any existing chroots, e.g. /var/cache/pbuilder/debian-bullseye-amd64.tgz Replace bullseye and amd64 with the desired Debian version and architecture.

Building packages

The source packages being built must be located in the working directory. Multiple packages can be built in one command. If one source package depends on another, they must be built in order. e.g. to build mesa for amd64 bullseye:

git clone -b debian-bullseye --depth 1
git clone -b debian-bullseye --depth 1

sudo ./ bullseye amd64 "$(realpath artifacts)" libdrm mesa

The build artifacts will be located in the artifacts directory.


Crostini builds of mesa have a version format such as 21.2.6-1~cros11+1. 21.2.6-1 is the original Debian release that was backported, ~cros11 are builds for Debian 11 (bullseye) and +1 is the first build of this version. This is similar to the version format used for Debian backports.