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  1. 59678c9 Reduce default microphone volume by Zhurun Zhang · 13 years ago 0.10.134.B 0.10.136.B 0.10.138.B 0.10.140.B 0.10.142.B 0.10.144.B 0.10.146.B 0.10.148.B 0.10.150.B 0.10.152.B 0.10.154.B 0.10.156.B 0.11.158.B 0.9.100.B 0.9.102.B 0.9.104.B 0.9.106.B 0.9.108.B 0.9.110.B 0.9.112.B 0.9.114.B 0.9.116.B 0.9.118.B 0.9.120.B 0.9.122.B 0.9.124.B 0.9.126.B 0.9.128.B 0.9.130.B 0.9.132.B 0.9.75.B_factory 0.9.76.B 0.9.78.B 0.9.80.B 0.9.82.B 0.9.84.B 0.9.86.B 0.9.90.B 0.9.90.T 0.9.92.B 0.9.94.B 0.9.94.T 0.9.96.T 0.9.98.B main master
  2. e108e83 Add LICENSE file by J. Richard Barnette · 13 years ago 0.8.64.B 0.8.66.B 0.8.68.B 0.8.70.B 0.8.71.B_factory 0.8.72.B 0.9.74.B
  3. ff2aa58 Increase default audio playback volume. by Zhurun Zhang · 13 years ago 0.8.62.B
  4. 00422f5 Replacing ajwong with myself, davej and zhurunz as audioconfig WATCHLIST people. by Andrew Scherkus · 13 years ago 0.8.62.B_factory
  5. 9d8dcd5 Update Watchlists by Anush Elangovan · 13 years ago 0.7.48.B 0.7.50.B 0.7.52.B 0.7.54.B 0.8.56.B 0.8.58.B 0.8.60.B
  6. bc3cceb Setup code review inheritance by Anush Elangovan · 13 years ago
  7. c2a9160 Turn on Capture by default. by Zhurun Zhang · 13 years ago
  8. 3ece9d5 Add a to tell our modified module-device-restore what volume to set at startup for sources and sinks. by Albert J. Wong · 14 years ago
  9. 8fcb314 Reapply 97758de2adf4eb8c861b66826e890e5c3479e071. by Albert J. Wong · 14 years ago
  10. 399a0e2 This reverts commit 97758de2adf4eb8c861b66826e890e5c3479e071. by Albert Bachand · 14 years ago
  11. 28a2e2c Create a pulseaudio upstart job that starts pulseaudio on entrance into runlevel 2. Also, setup some default client configurations. Specifically: by Albert J. Wong · 14 years ago
  12. 6ac9354 Add a default asound.conf that uses PulseAudio for the default audio device. by Albert J. Wong · 14 years ago