acpiACPIarc-cameraassetsAssetsaudioconfigAudio config repositoryaudiotestAudio test and Characterization Toolautoxautox repositoryavtest_label_detect(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/avtest_label_detect/ now; Autotest label detector for audio/video/camerabattery_updaterbisect-kitbmpblkbootcacheUtility for managing disk caches to speed up boot on spinning media (think readahead)bootstatbootstat repositorybtsocketcashewcashew repocfm-device-monitorchameleonchaps(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/chaps/ nowchromiumos-assetsChromiumOS Assetschromiumos-wide-profiling(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/chromiumos-wide-profiling/ now; Tools for doing profiling on live Chromium OS systemscommon-mk(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/common-mk/ now; A common make-based build systemcrash(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/crash-reporter/ now; Chromium OS crash reportercrash-dumper(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/crash-reporter/ now; Chromium OS crash reportercrash-reporter(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/crash-reporter/ now; Chromium OS crash reportercreccromo(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/cromo/ now; Modem plugin manager; largely replaced by Modem Manager nowcroscros_boot_mode(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/cros_boot_mode/ now; Tools for detecting the current boot mode of Chromium OScros-disks(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/cros-disks/ now; Userland daemon for mounting filesystems for the user like external media (NTFS/FAT/etc...)crosh(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/crosh/ Chromium OS shell -- hit CTRL+ALT+T at runtime to launch itcrostestutilscrosutilscrosvmcros-yavtaChromium OS fork of Yet Another V4L2 Test Application; see for original upstreamcryptohome(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/cryptohome/ now; Userland daemon for mounting user home directories securely & encrypteddbusfuzzA DBUS fuzzing tool to try and track down bugs in DBUS communication with secure servicesdebugd(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/debugd/ now; Userland daemon for providing limited debug related services via dbus in a centralized & secure mannerdepthchargeCoreboot payload for booting the system super fastdev-utildisk_updater(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/disk_updater/ nowdm-veritydrm-testsdump-syms(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/crash-reporter/ now; Chromium OS crash reporterecChromium OS Embedded Controller software Chromium OS connection manager replaced by shillfreconConsole for devices using KMS (kernel mode setting) only; replaces the kernel's Virtual Terminal (VT) consolegesturesglbench/imagesRepo to hold glbench test imagesgobi-cromo-plugin(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/gobi-cromo-plugin/ now; Modem plugin manager; largely replaced by Modem Manager nowgoogle-breakpadChromium OS fork of Google Breakpad (changes get upstreamed) Go support for parsing, compiling, and installing Chromium OS Seccomp-BPF policy files.heatshieldimage-burner(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/image-burner/ now; Userland service for burning CrOS recovery images into attached USB media; see tooimageloaderinit(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/init/ now; Chromium OS init scripts for booting the systeminitramfsVarious initramfs images for Chrome OS: recovery, factory, etc...inputcontrolinstaller(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/installer/ nowjabra_voldlibchromeos(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/libchromeos/ now; Common utility library for Chromium OS serviceslibevdevlibqmiDeprecated in favor of chromiumos/third_party/libqmi. This project is needed for reproducing old builds that have it in the manifest, so it should be kept forever for historical purposes.login_manager(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/login_manager/ now; Daemon for managing the Chromium UI sessionlorgnette(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/lorgnette/ nowmem_reportmemento_softwareupdatemetrics(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/metrics/ now; Library for providing easy access to metrics for Chromium OS servicesmicrobenchmarkminigbmminijail(DEAD) Moved to AOSP at; Library/application launcher for quickly creating restricted jails to run daemons inside ofmist(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/mist/ now; USB modem switcher for devices that show up as mass storage devices initiallymoblabmodemmanager_sandboxmodem-utilities(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/modem-utilities/ nowmonitor_reconfigmosysLocal fork of system debug tool (changes are upstreamed); daemon for managing devices that only speak MTP (multimedia transfer protocol) like newer phones and camerasmtplotmttoolsMultitouch toolsnewbluenfcddaemon for Near Field Communication (NFC)p2p(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/p2p/ now; peer-to-peer layer for Chrome OS devices to communicatepermission_broker(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/permission_broker/ now; Userland service for requesting access via dbus to specific devices (e.g. things in /dev/)power_manager(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/power_manager/ now; Userland service for controlling brightness/sleep/etc... automaticallypuffinpunybenchpydevi2crecovery_installerrollog(DEAD) testing userland circular buffer loggersaftsalsa(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/salsa/ now; Touchscreen related stuffserialconsoleshill(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/shill/ now; Chromium OS Connection Managersmogcheck(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/smogcheck/ nowspdtoolspeech_synthesisspigotssuggestsuite_schedulersystem_apitastCreated by request from: Merged into src/platform2/trunks/ nowu-boot-configuboot-envu-boot-vboot-integrationupdate_brokerupdate_engine(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/update_engine/ now; Chromium OS daemon for updating the system at runtimeusbcontroluserfeedback(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/userfeedback/ nowvbootGoogle's Verified Boot reference implementation (version 3.x rewrite); development is currently suspendedvboot_referenceGoogle's Verified Boot reference implementation (versions 1.x & 2.x) and helper toolsvideotestsvpdvpn-manager(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/vpn-manager/ now; VPN connection managerwebplotwimax_manager(DEAD) Merged into src/platform2/wimax_manager/ now; WiMAX connection managerwindow_managerwireless_automationworkaroundsxf86-input-cmtxnu_quick_testThird party kernel regression test suite wrapper containerxorg-conf