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  1. 2696090 amdgpu: Only align video BOs to 512 for Android by Miguel Casas · 10 days ago main
  2. 365e5b4 minigbm: rockchip: Support upstream AFBC modifier by Brian Norris · 3 weeks ago release-R103-14816.B stabilize-14790.B stabilize-14803.B stabilize-14839.B
  3. d73fa7f minigbm: amdgpu: Update plane count in bo_import by Robert Mader · 4 weeks ago factory-14778.B factory-firmware-ti50-guc-14778.B
  4. 1d87c80 minigbm: remove stevensd from OWNERS by David Stevens · 6 weeks ago stabilize-14771.B
  5. 96058f9 minigbm: i915: Update plane count in bo_import by Robert Mader · 6 weeks ago
  6. bc51ff3 virtgpu_virgl: enable P010 for 3D mode by Jason Macnak · 6 weeks ago
  7. 7a1a7db minigbm/msm: disable UBWC for virtualization by Yiwei Zhang · 6 weeks ago
  8. 2119a9c virtgpu_virgl: update virgl_hw.h from upstream by Jason Macnak · 7 weeks ago
  9. 69ccacd i915: Add ADL-N Device IDs by Sudarshan S · 7 weeks ago
  10. 17d3eb8 dumb_driver: Support R8 camera buffers by Nicholas Bishop · 7 weeks ago
  11. 2581c47 minigbm: mediatek: check BO_USE_CAMERA_WRITE flag on camera preview case by Hsin-Yi Wang · 7 weeks ago stabilize-14682.B
  12. 853b854 Revert "minigbm: i915/amdgpu: Update plane count in bo_import" by Kazuhiro Inaba · 8 weeks ago
  13. d4df3d5 minigbm: mediatek: remove USE_SCANOUT in yuv format by Hsin-Yi Wang · 8 weeks ago
  14. db3c6fc gralloc: Hide dmabuf heap allocator behind of a flag by Jason Macnak · 8 weeks ago
  15. 1a73337 minigbm: i915/amdgpu: Update plane count in bo_import by Robert Mader · 8 weeks ago
  16. c37de98 minigbm: mediatek: use the HW_VIDEO_ENCODE padding for camera preview by Hsin-Yi Wang · 8 weeks ago
  17. 4674c0e gralloc: Avoid setting out handle before allocate finishes by Jason Macnak · 2 months ago factory-guybrush-14600.B stabilize-14616.B stabilize-14633.B stabilize-voshyr-14637.B
  18. fc5b72f COIL: Migrate master to HEAD by Jon Murphy · 2 months ago stabilize-14588.14.B stabilize-14589.B
  19. 407eb0e Revert "minigbm/msm: Disable UBWC for video gtest" by Fritz Koenig · 3 months ago stabilize-14536.B
  20. eaafb20 gralloc: use a struct for imported handle info by Jason Macnak · 3 months ago