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  1. 353485e meson: Add support for YUV formats by Daniel Nicoara · 2 days ago master
  2. b16076b amdgpu: Add 10-bit color formats. by Bas Nieuwenhuizen · 3 days ago
  3. ae6f34c cros_gralloc: fix log statement format specifier by Jason Macnak · 3 days ago
  4. 6ff5a39 cros_gralloc: set install path in Android.bp by Jason Macnak · 3 days ago
  5. 1de7f66 cros_gralloc: Adds gralloc 3.0 support by Jason Macnak · 4 days ago
  6. 047df2b minigbm:amdgpu: align height to 16 bit for video buffers by Ikshwaku Chauhan · 10 days ago
  7. 4daf12c Revert "Revert "amdgpu: Set USWC for SCANOUT images."" by Bas Nieuwenhuizen · 2 weeks ago release-R85-13310.B
  8. 4a3f98c amdgpu: Add SDMA copy support. by Bas Nieuwenhuizen · 2 weeks ago
  9. 3bd681c Modify NV12 allowed buffer usages for camera capture use case by Hirokazu Honda · 2 weeks ago
  10. 5a496e3 minigbm: virtio-gpu: Remove offset log message by Matthias Springer · 3 weeks ago
  11. fd8b8ab Remove HW_VIDEO_ENCODER usage of YVU420 by Hirokazu Honda · 3 weeks ago
  12. 4951814 minigbm: add encoder/decoder blob combination by David Stevens · 4 weeks ago factory-endeavour-13295.B
  13. 04b7e24 minigbm: virtio_gpu: add BO_USE_HW_VIDEO_ENCODER usage to R8 format. by David Staessens · 5 weeks ago stabilize-lazor-13278.B
  14. 23de4e2 minigbm: virtio_gpu: use expanded bind flags by David Stevens · 5 weeks ago
  15. 64b80ce minigbm/msm: Add DRM_FORMAT_FLEX_IMPLEMENTATION_DEFINED for msm by Douglas Anderson · 5 weeks ago
  16. 1b57fe2 minigbm: virtio_gpu: fill transfer offset by Gurchetan Singh · 7 weeks ago firmware-endeavour-13259.B
  17. a9d3f77 i915: Avoid using y-tiling on huge buffer objects by Sean Paul · 8 weeks ago
  18. a03926e minigbm: Fix cast to avoid null pointer arithmetic by Jason Macnak · 8 weeks ago
  19. b03fc14 minigbm: virtio_gpu: add BO_USE_HW_VIDEO_DECODER usage to R8 format. by Chih-Yu Huang · 8 weeks ago
  20. 778e21d Fix YV12 dumb buffer plane sizes by Jason Macnak · 2 months ago factory-drallion-13080.B