(MOVED) Merged into src/platform2/mtpd/ now; Userland daemon for managing devices that only speak MTP (multimedia transfer protocol) like newer phones and cameras

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  1. b5e4d4b mtpd: qualify stl_util functions by Eric Caruso · 6 years ago factory-soraka-10323.39.B main master release-R65-10323.B stabilize-10323.29.B stabilize-10323.30.B stabilize-10323.31.B stabilize-10323.58.B stabilize-10323.62.B stabilize-10323.67.B
  2. ec50966 Do not enter new network namespace by Yuki Awano · 6 years ago factory-coral-10122.B factory-fizz-10167.B factory-scarlet-10211.B firmware-fizz-10139.117.B firmware-fizz-10139.94.B firmware-fizz-10139.B release-R64-10176.B stabilize-10176.13.B stabilize-10176.47.B stabilize-10176.54.B stabilize-10176.58.B stabilize-10176.65.B
  3. 54df236 run mtpd in more namespaces by Mike Frysinger · 7 years ago firmware-coral-10068.B
  4. 88b7538 mtpd: migrate from base::MakeUnique to std::make_unique by Ben Chan · 6 years ago firmware-scribe-10045.B release-R63-10032.B stabilize-10032.111.B stabilize-10032.56.B stabilize-10032.68.B stabilize-10032.71.B stabilize-10032.72.B stabilize-10032.75.B stabilize-10032.86.B stabilize-9998.B
  5. 36d8495 mtpd: fix seccomp policy by Eric Caruso · 6 years ago
  6. 2e3c3ca mtpd: remove glib and dbus-c++ dependency by Eric Caruso · 6 years ago
  7. e7cd268 mtpd: prepend mtpd/ to all local includes by Eric Caruso · 6 years ago
  8. 34eeec5 mtpd: add gyp file and move files to canonical locations by Eric Caruso · 6 years ago
  9. 17cc088 Replace LIBMTP_file_t with CreateScopedMtpFile. by Lei Zhang · 7 years ago factory-eve-9667.B firmware-eve-9584.B firmware-eve-campfire-9584.131.B firmware-twinkie-9628.B release-R60-9592.B release-R61-9765.B stabilize-9554.B stabilize-9592.15.B stabilize-9592.55.B stabilize-9592.67.B stabilize-9592.82.B stabilize-9693.B stabilize-9756.B stabilize-9765.39.B stabilize-9765.65.B stabilize-9765.7.B stabilize-9765.76.B
  10. 6e43cfe Use range-based for loops in DeviceManager. by Lei Zhang · 7 years ago
  11. ca5c958 Give MtpDevice members more meaningful names. by Lei Zhang · 7 years ago firmware-rowan-9516.B stabilize-9517.B
  12. 501bc27 Fix seccomp policy. by Jorge Lucangeli Obes · 7 years ago
  13. cdf3a94 Modernize mtpd source. by Lei Zhang · 7 years ago
  14. 13b4103 Drop attempts to use mtpd on Linux. by Lei Zhang · 7 years ago
  15. dced4eb Clang-format mtpd source. by Lei Zhang · 7 years ago
  16. 69d2cf6 mtpd: Fix iOS 10.2 connectivity issue. by Tetsui Ohkubo · 7 years ago
  17. e2da245 mtpd: whitelist 'nanosleep' syscall in seccomp-bpf filter by Ben Chan · 7 years ago firmware-cr50-9308.24.B firmware-cr50-9308.B firmware-cr50-guc-factory-9308.26.B firmware-cr50-mp-9311.B firmware-cr50-mp-r86-9311.70.B firmware-cr50-mp-release-9308.87.B firmware-cr50-release-9308.25.B stabilize-9313.B stabilize-9428.B stabilize-9430.B stabilize-9460.4.B stabilize-M58-9334.41.0.B
  18. 6797704 mtpd: whitelist 'madvise' syscall in seccomp-bpf filter by Ben Chan · 7 years ago
  19. af5ebff mtpd: guard invocation of g_type_init() by Ben Chan · 7 years ago
  20. 1042f3a mtpd: add getrandom(2) to seccomp policy by Brian Norris · 7 years ago