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Chrome OS Bazel Rules


This repository provides common rules and configuration for Bazel projects in Chrome OS.


rules_cros is only expected to function inside the Chrome OS SDK. You may copy the following snippet into your WORKSPACE file and fix up the relative path in local_repository to point from your project to where rules_cros is checked out.

    name = "rules_cros",
    path = "../src/platform/rules_cros",

load("@rules_cros//cros:repositories.bzl", "rules_cros_dependencies")


You will also need to symlink .bazelrc in the root of your project to common.bazelrc in this repo. You can put additional settings in a file named user.bazelrc in the root of your WORKSPACE and it will automatically be imported by common.bazelrc.


The code is this directory is experimental and under active development. Stability and functionality is not guaranteed :)