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  1. 7808e84 ilitek: add updater for ilitek-its touch controller by Joe Hung · 3 weeks ago main release-R119-15633.B
  2. e5abcc2 EOL flashrom usage by Hsuan Ting Chen · 6 weeks ago release-R118-15604.B stabilize-15604.16.B stabilize-15610.B
  3. e83b85f EOL flashrom usage for WP by Edward O'Callaghan · 7 weeks ago stabilize-15588.B
  4. cf272a8 touch_updater: Fix presubmit errors in elan-hid-touch firmware script by Henry Barnor · 8 weeks ago
  5. 5ce64d9 touch_updater: Fix presubmit errors in elan-touch firmware scripts by Henry Barnor · 8 weeks ago
  6. 5f5e979 ilitek: add updater for ilitek-tddi touch controller by alex_lin · 3 months ago release-R117-15572.B stabilize-15561.B stabilize-15562.B stabilize-15563.B stabilize-15564.B stabilize-15572.16.B stabilize-15572.39.B stabilize-15572.4.B stabilize-15572.50.B stabilize-15572.57.B
  7. cc23cb4 hx_util: Modify scripts and add policies for hidraw by Tylor Yang · 4 months ago release-R116-15509.B stabilize-15509.37.B stabilize-15509.63.B stabilize-15509.72.B stabilize-15511.B stabilize-15519.B stabilize-15531.B stabilize-15532.B
  8. 8c7c73d epstps2_updater - ps2_rawctrl_command_only crash by Denis Brockus · 4 months ago
  9. 8c56f06 touch_updater: Add jingyliang@ to OWNERS by Jingyuan Liang · 4 months ago
  10. 8ed5924 touch_updater: Adding wmahon to OWNERS file by William Mahon · 5 months ago release-R115-15474.B stabilize-15474.38.B stabilize-15474.53.B stabilize-15474.70.B stabilize-15483.B stabilize-15485.B
  11. e5b843a gdixupdate: Add write syscall to seccomp for arm platform by xuxinxiong · 5 months ago
  12. dad21ae g2touch: allow nanosleep syscalls by Jingyuan Liang · 6 months ago release-R114-15437.B stabilize-15429.B stabilize-15432.B stabilize-15437.42.B stabilize-15437.57.B stabilize-15437.59.B stabilize-15439.B stabilize-15446.B
  13. c654514 touch_updater: Fix presubmit errors by Henry Barnor · 6 months ago
  14. 81d098a touch_updater: Fix presubmit errors by Henry Barnor · 7 months ago factory-skyrim-15384.B firmware-skyrim-15390.B release-R113-15393.B stabilize-15381.B stabilize-15393.48.B stabilize-15393.58.B stabilize-15395.B stabilize-15415.B
  15. 490966d nvt_ts: Add arm64 seccomp policies by Henry Barnor · 7 months ago firmware-skyrim-15369.B stabilize-15361.B stabilize-15364.B
  16. f702949 seccomp: Add ugetrlimit to elani2chid update policy by Stephen Boyd · 8 months ago
  17. a11a3fb seccomp: Add dup and fcntl64 to arm policy by Stephen Boyd · 8 months ago
  18. d26c728 etphidiap: Support update the region id of touchpad firmware. by · 9 months ago release-R111-15329.B stabilize-15300.B stabilize-15301.B stabilize-15317.B stabilize-15329.44.B stabilize-15329.59.B stabilize-15335.B
  19. 206fc9e seccomp: Add gettid to all policies by Jordan R Abrahams-Whitehead · 10 months ago release-R110-15278.B stabilize-15278.64.B stabilize-quickfix-15278.72.B
  20. f316d79 gdixupdate: Loosen ioctl arg1 restriction on arm64 by Stephen Boyd · 10 months ago