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  1. 7ea972d touch_updater: Checking re-calibration needed or not by Johnny Chuang · 3 months ago factory-endeavour-13295.B firmware-endeavour-13259.B firmware-puff-13324.B master release-R84-13099.B release-R85-13310.B stabilize-13099.70.B stabilize-13099.72.B stabilize-13099.73.B stabilize-13099.85.B stabilize-13099.90.B stabilize-13360.B stabilize-lazor-13278.B
  2. fa4758b Update EMRightDigitizer FW updater script by Roger Chiang · 5 months ago factory-drallion-13080.B release-R82-12974.B release-R83-13020.B stabilize-12997.B stabilize-13020.55.B stabilize-13020.67.B stabilize-13020.87.B stabilize-13070.B stabilize-sylas-13019.B
  3. fc52594 Update "" for support new project with embedded pid by Martin Chen · 6 months ago firmware-drallion-12930.B stabilize-12951.B stabilize-volteer-12931.B
  4. adc214a elani2chid: update minijail policies for v1.9 by Paul Liang · 6 months ago stabilize-12881.B
  5. 525a1a7 upgrade script update: change the delay function by charles.goodix · 6 months ago stabilize-12859.B stabilize-12871.24.B stabilize-12871.57.B stabilize-12871.65.B stabilize-quickfix-12871.27.B
  6. 53bcf1a Add EMRightDigitizer FW updater script by rogertw · 7 months ago
  7. b21eaa1 touch_updater: Improve doc comment for `find_fw_link_path` by Harry Cutts · 8 months ago factory-excelsior-12812.B firmware-servo-12768.B stabilize-12748.B
  8. 6e1bb2c melfas: Bash scripts for Melfas touchscreen firmware update by David Wu · 9 months ago
  9. 81beb6c Melfas policy files for Melfas FW Updater tool by David Wu · 9 months ago
  10. 22787fb goodix: Add 500ms delay for reading FW version by Justin TerAvest · 9 months ago
  11. 41ee8e9 elani2chid: add arm policy configurations by Paul Liang · 9 months ago firmware-hatch-12669.B firmware-hatch-12672.B stabilize-12669.B stabilize-volteer-12665.B
  12. 857449b g2touch: G2touch touchscreen policy allow `gettid` for update tool by Jerry - · 10 months ago
  13. 989badd touch_updater: etphidiap now rebinds I2C adapter instead of I2C-HID device by Matthew Blecker · 10 months ago
  14. 64c70c4 touch_updater: Delete old TODO in etphidiap updater script. by Matthew Blecker · 10 months ago
  15. ecbfa0b touch_updater: add gettid to seccomp by Zhuohao Lee · 10 months ago stabilize-12593.B stabilize-12607.3.B
  16. 356a5a5 host_scripts: stop using by Mike Frysinger · 10 months ago factory-kukui-12587.B
  17. d117ca8 touch_updater: Fix uses of "shift" that may unintentionally exit. by Matthew Blecker · 10 months ago firmware-kukui-12573.B
  18. dbbb107 touch_updater: Fix early return in rebind_driver() if required arg is missing. by Matthew Blecker · 10 months ago stabilize-12560.B
  19. a26736c scripts/chromeos-goodix: add a board layer hook to reconfig the pid by Zhuohao Lee · 11 months ago
  20. f807453 upgrade script update:add support for hid descriptor update by Yafei Wang · 11 months ago stabilize-12515.B