Google's Verified Boot reference implementation (versions 1.x & 2.x) and helper tools

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  1. b021a96 create_new_android_keys: fix typo. by LaMont Jones · 8 hours ago master
  2. d730603 only setfattr for selinux if modified by Qijiang Fan · 12 hours ago
  3. 80bc32d lib/ec_sync_all: Reboot EC to RO after successful AUX FW update by Karthikeyan Ramasubramanian · 17 hours ago
  4. b4b4507 vboot: fix vb2_gbb_read_recovery_key to save into int by Joel Kitching · 2 days ago
  5. 4c1a6f4 lib/vboot_kernel: Log speed at which kernel was loaded by Raul E Rangel · 2 days ago
  6. 24db29e updater: Add quirk for wilco devices by Duncan Laurie · 5 days ago
  7. 01b1a94 vboot: add vb2api_gbb_get_flags function by Joel Kitching · 5 days ago
  8. 5306ca2 vboot: export offset and type of GBB struct flags member by Joel Kitching · 5 days ago
  9. de5b8df vboot: correct VB2_SECDATAK_SIZE constant to 13 by Joel Kitching · 6 days ago
  10. d15663d vboot: expose vb2api_secdatak_check and vb2api_secdatak_create by Joel Kitching · 6 days ago
  11. 70b3753 vboot: add OWNERS file by Joel Kitching · 7 days ago
  12. 3eb00ef vboot: rewrite GBB functions and API by Joel Kitching · 12 days ago
  13. 96d5a58 vboot: don't unset VB2_NV_DISPLAY_REQUEST in EC sync by Joel Kitching · 12 days ago
  14. 451813e vboot: don't use VB2_NV_DISPLAY_REQUEST for diagnostic mode by Joel Kitching · 12 days ago
  15. efd0dc2 vboot: check display init when entering normal mode by Joel Kitching · 12 days ago
  16. 40c35a0 vboot: check for VB2_NV_DIAG_REQUEST when enabling display by Joel Kitching · 12 days ago
  17. 2d150c6 vboot: move vb2_packed_key and several functions from lib20 to 2lib by Joel Kitching · 13 days ago
  18. 220ce07 make sure selinux context for lsb-release file by Qijiang Fan · 13 days ago
  19. ca8f76c tests/ec_sync_tests: Update the test to reflect new AUX FW protection by Karthikeyan Ramasubramanian · 13 days ago
  20. 58e306f futility: Round up kernel blob to 4k by Evan Green · 2 weeks ago