Local fork of system debug tool (changes are upstreamed); https://code.google.com/p/mosys/

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  1. b1a921f octopus: Add Garg to octopus list. by Chia-Hsiu Chang · 5 days ago master
  2. 14df9c7 hatch: Add support for Helios and Kindred by Philip Chen · 11 days ago stabilize-kukui-12285.B
  3. 74b96e1 wilco: Get ec version info from sysfs by Raul E Rangel · 2 weeks ago
  4. 4e35798 kukui: krane: add memory info by Hsin-Yi Wang · 3 weeks ago
  5. fc1bc55 seccomp: Replace getgroups with getgroups32 on arm by Stephen Boyd · 3 weeks ago
  6. c972fe0 mosys: Add an option to specify a location for cros_config_data.c by Raul E Rangel · 3 weeks ago
  7. ce208ef sarien: Add mosys ish info command by Raul E Rangel · 3 weeks ago
  8. 8a4dcdb ec: Add cros_ec support for ish variant by Raul E Rangel · 3 weeks ago
  9. 3dc470f cros_ec: Add cros_ec_build_info and callback by Raul E Rangel · 3 weeks ago
  10. 1f3997c mosys: add support for JEDEC ID code for LPDDR3 by Paul Fagerburg · 5 weeks ago stabilize-12222.B stabilize-12249.B
  11. bcf4a5d seccomp: Add getgroups to all mosys seccomp filter by Shelley Chen · 6 weeks ago
  12. f2fd248 hatch: Add support for Kohaku by Philip Chen · 9 weeks ago firmware-sarien-12200.B stabilize-12202.B stabilize-12206.B
  13. 0bf30ae spd: Fix ddr_freq enum name by Philip Chen · 9 weeks ago
  14. 0a319e5 spd: Support 2667 MT/s DRAM speed by Philip Chen · 9 weeks ago
  15. 1185b32 Add cargo-generated Cargo.lock comment block by Daniel Verkamp · 10 weeks ago release-R75-12105.B stabilize-12105.75.B stabilize-12121.B stabilize-flapjack-12109.B
  16. c3bb79b mosys: add krane to mosys by Zhuohao Lee · 10 weeks ago
  17. 8c54cc8 mosys: Change owners by C Shapiro · 3 months ago factory-sarien-12033.B stabilize-12054.B stabilize-12058.B stabilize-12060.B stabilize-12088.B
  18. 6830592 seccomp: add fstatfs to the filter by Mike Frysinger · 3 months ago
  19. 529a9d0 octopus: Add Bloog to octopus list. by Wisley Chen · 3 months ago stabilize-11998.B
  20. 81faccd hatch: Enable support for hatch_whl by Furquan Shaikh · 3 months ago