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Touch Firmware Test

This repo holds the source code of the touch firmware test.

Get the source:

$ git clone

Run the code:

See this website for details: .

Run in Docker:

You can also run the tests in docker now. You can build your own docker image or use the one on docker hub.

How to run tests in docker

  • Connect the test device.
  • Stop the host machine adb: $ adb kill-server
  • Start docker image: $ docker run -t -i --privileged -v /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb -v $(pwd -L):/output -p 8080:8080 wjkcow/cros_touch_test bash The test report will be saved into current directory. You can change “$(pwd -L)” to any directory you want.
  • Start adb server in the container by $ adb start-server Note: The first run might fail, try it again, it should work.
  • Run the test. For android, do “python -t android”.
  • Follow the instructions in terminal, go to If you don't open the webpage, the test might stuck.