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  1. 50cdc56 LICENSE: add missing file by Mike Frysinger · 2 months ago factory-drallion-13080.B factory-endeavour-13295.B firmware-endeavour-13259.B master release-R84-13099.B release-R85-13310.B stabilize-lazor-13278.B
  2. 9af57ea atomictest: allow buffers to be created with modifiers by Fritz Koenig · 3 months ago
  3. 447fbdb drm-tests: Add a copy path to udmabuf_create_test by Paulo Warren · 3 months ago
  4. 987dae2 Add libsync to build dependencies for Chromecast by Daniel Nicoara · 4 months ago release-R83-13020.B stabilize-13020.55.B stabilize-13020.67.B stabilize-13020.87.B stabilize-sylas-13019.B
  5. d9e1caa atomictest: multiple_planes: add cursor plane in cleanup by Shirish S · 4 months ago
  6. ab62e5f drm-tests: add more OWNERS by Ilja H. Friedel · 4 months ago stabilize-12997.B
  7. 1ee2581 drm-tests: Fix warning reported by ToT clang by Manoj Gupta · 4 months ago
  8. a5d9ff2 drm-tests: extend gamma_test to support piecewise hdr gamma by Miguel Casas · 4 months ago
  9. a3f2b03 rockchip: Remove unused python script. by Po-Hsien Wang · 5 months ago release-R82-12974.B stabilize-12951.B
  10. 1ee2843 drm-tests: use gbm_bo_map2 by Gurchetan Singh · 5 months ago firmware-drallion-12930.B stabilize-volteer-12931.B
  11. cc28524 drm-tests: remove conditional build by Paulo Warren · 5 months ago
  12. 7d6d0f8 drm-tests: Add a udmabuf_create_test by Paulo Warren · 5 months ago stabilize-12881.B
  13. 515ead5 drm-tests: add support for EGL_EXT_platform_device to null_platform_test and bsdrm. by Dominik Behr · 6 months ago release-R81-12871.B stabilize-12859.B stabilize-12871.102.B stabilize-12871.103.B stabilize-12871.24.B stabilize-12871.57.B stabilize-12871.65.B stabilize-12871.91.B stabilize-quickfix-12871.27.B
  14. cb82146 drm-tests: add AR30/AB30 to null_platform_test by Miguel Casas · 8 months ago factory-excelsior-12812.B firmware-servo-12768.B release-R80-12739.B stabilize-12739.105.B stabilize-12739.106.B stabilize-12739.111.B stabilize-12748.B stabilize-excelsior-12739.67.B stabilize-quickfix-12739.71.B
  15. 86ff906 atomictest: Pass if we don't have atomic in the kernel by Stéphane Marchesin · 8 months ago factory-hatch-12692.B
  16. ff33369 atomictest: Skip REFLECT_Y if unavailable by Daniele Castagna · 9 months ago factory-kukui-12587.B firmware-hatch-12669.B firmware-hatch-12672.B release-R79-12607.B stabilize-12593.B stabilize-12607.15.B stabilize-12607.3.B stabilize-12607.5.B stabilize-12607.55.B stabilize-12607.58.B stabilize-12607.6.B stabilize-12607.82.B stabilize-12669.B stabilize-mtbf-12607.83.B stabilize-quickfix-12607.83.B stabilize-volteer-12665.B
  17. f14d024 drm-tests: Update vk_glow to use dma-bufs by Brian Ho · 10 months ago firmware-kukui-12573.B stabilize-12560.B
  18. 317bfd8 Skip test_rgba_primary when there is no DRM_FORMAT_ARGB8888 by Mark Yacoub · 11 months ago firmware-mistral-12422.B release-R78-12499.B stabilize-12428.B stabilize-12441.B stabilize-12464.B stabilize-12499.18.B stabilize-12515.B stabilize-kernelnext-broadwell-12434.B
  19. 97d267a Add KMS Atomic Commit option to null_platform_test by Mark Yacoub · 12 months ago release-R77-12371.B stabilize-12371.11.B stabilize-12371.26.B stabilize-12371.27.B stabilize-12371.39.B stabilize-12371.48.B stabilize-12371.50.B stabilize-12371.52.B stabilize-12371.65.B stabilize-12371.71.B stabilize-12371.75.B stabilize-12371.80.B stabilize-12371.81.B stabilize-12371.82.B stabilize-12371.89.B stabilize-12386.B stabilize-octopus-12371.15.B
  20. 064cab8 drm-tests: fix subsampling issue by Gurchetan Singh · 12 months ago factory-mistral-12361.B