an integration-testing system for Chrome OS

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Tast (go/tast)

Tast logo with Go gopher with green rubber PASS stamp

Tast is an integration-testing system for Chrome OS. Its focus is on maintainability, speed, and ease of interpreting and reproducing test results. It supports building, deploying, and running tests. It doesn't implement other functionality like managing labs of devices used for testing, scheduling tests, or storing test results.

To try it out, see the quickstart document. The overview is a good starting point for learning more about how the system is structured.

Directory structure

This repository is organized in accordance with the Go in Chromium OS suggestions.

  • src/chromiumos/
    • cmd/local_test_runner/ - main package for the local_test_runner executable used to execute local test bundles on-device.
    • cmd/remote_test_runner/ - main package for the remote_test_runner executable used to execute remote test bundles on the host system.
    • cmd/tast/ - main package for the tast executable used to build and run tests.
      • ... - Packages used only by the tast executable.
    • tast/... - Common packages shared by multiple executables.

Tests are located in the tast-tests repository.


For more information, see the list of documentation.


Mailing list

The tast-users mailing list is used for discussions about writing and running tests.

Bug reports

Please file bug reports and feature requests in the Chromium issue tracker using the Tests>Tast component.

Other notes

The Go gopher concept and design was originally created by Renee French and is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. The Tast logo above is also covered by the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.