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  1. bb4de01 chroot_version_hooks: Clean cache to overwrite some libbrillo files. by Tatsuhisa Yamaguchi · 6 days ago master stabilize-12088.B
  2. 3f1f895 termina: remove unused test image flags in termina_build_image by Trent Begin · 7 days ago
  3. 7440463 cgpt: Fix fs_block_align_losses for fs_align by Evan Green · 9 days ago
  4. 9af21f5 build_packages: log PORTAGE_BINHOST to make it easy to diagnose prebuilt issues on ci builders by Ned Nguyen · 13 days ago stabilize-12058.B stabilize-12060.B stabilize-12061.B
  5. a4a8788 update_kernel: don't log about not copying firmware by Brian Norris · 2 weeks ago stabilize-12054.B
  6. d2695f8 termina_build_image: fix file system shrink. by Lepton Wu · 2 weeks ago factory-sarien-12033.B
  7. 6807dd3 termina_build_image: switch to 4096 block size by Daniel Verkamp · 3 weeks ago
  8. 550e57c Add board config into the mix by Evan Green · 3 weeks ago stabilize-11998.B
  9. b5080fb enter_chroot: bind mount /dev recursively by Mike Frysinger · 3 weeks ago
  10. 29e8e62 update_kernel: Add boot_command flag to run commands on remote after update by Sean Paul · 3 weeks ago
  11. cbb3fbd Remove mask for protobuf files. by Manoj Gupta · 4 weeks ago
  12. 3351512 chroot_version_hooks: Cleanup protobuf dependencies following upgrade. by Allen Webb · 4 weeks ago
  13. 4b9b756 common: Exclude .inc files from the build in /usr/include by Allen Webb · 4 weeks ago
  14. 4acdd73 build_image: add full version python symlinks by Mike Frysinger · 5 weeks ago
  15. d65766f setup_board: Update usages by Alex Klein · 5 weeks ago
  16. f16cd6b update_kernel: Let users override the rootfs that's updated by Stephen Boyd · 5 weeks ago
  17. d7717e8 build_image: move python/portage symlinks to the base image by Mike Frysinger · 5 weeks ago
  18. a8b2211 build_image: move getent/ldd to /usr/local for base images by Mike Frysinger · 5 weeks ago
  19. 5541156 setup_board: deprecation warning by Alex Klein · 5 weeks ago
  20. 8cece31 cros_generate_stacks_bvt: drop by Mike Frysinger · 5 weeks ago