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  1. 945b2e3 Copy deqp expectations from autotest by Ilja H. Friedel · 25 hours ago main
  2. a39d889 platform_graphics: fix gonum-plot API breakage by Adrian Ratiu · 4 days ago
  3. 6ae8fc5 platform_decoding: Add ffmpeg wrapper for MD5 comparison. by Jao-ke Chin-Lee · 4 weeks ago factory-14778.B factory-firmware-ti50-guc-14778.B release-R103-14816.B stabilize-14771.B stabilize-14790.B stabilize-14803.B stabilize-14839.B
  4. 20628f1 perfetto: no cpufreq_period_ms for older perfetto versions by John Bates · 5 weeks ago
  5. eab3108 Maintain graphics OWNERS by Ilja H. Friedel · 8 weeks ago release-R102-14695.B stabilize-14682.B
  6. 5bfa58e perfetto: add cpufreq capture to record_cros_trace by John Bates · 8 weeks ago
  7. b25904f Update OWNERS.vulkan_loader by Ilja H. Friedel · 2 months ago factory-guybrush-14600.B stabilize-14589.B stabilize-14616.B stabilize-14633.B stabilize-voshyr-14637.B
  8. b0dc3e8 Update OWNERS.vulkan_layers by Ilja H. Friedel · 2 months ago
  9. 8715c12 Add OWNERS.libdrm by Ilja H. Friedel · 3 months ago release-R101-14588.B stabilize-14588.14.B stabilize-14588.98.B
  10. ae720d2 perfetto: add support for excluded chrome events by John Bates · 4 months ago factory-brya-14517.B firmware-brya-14505.B firmware-guybrush-14500.B release-R100-14526.B stabilize-14496.B stabilize-14498.B stabilize-14526.57.B stabilize-14526.67.B stabilize-14526.73.B stabilize-14526.84.B stabilize-14526.89.B stabilize-14528.B stabilize-14532.B stabilize-14536.B stabilize-quickfix-14526.91.B
  11. a3388b6 trace_replay: Support running on Arch-based images with pacman. by David Riley · 4 months ago release-R99-14469.B stabilize-14469.41.B stabilize-14469.58.B stabilize-14469.8.B stabilize-14469.9.B stabilize-14477.B stabilize-wristpin-14469.59.B
  12. 35ed17d TraceReplay: add code to log delays syncing by Ilja H. Friedel · 5 months ago factory-cherry-14455.B firmware-cherry-14454.B
  13. dff13ef trace_replay: Use different apitrace args for different guest type by Robert Tarasov · 5 months ago stabilize-14438.B stabilize-14442.B
  14. d7c3eb9 OWNERS.minigbm: add andrescj@ and mcasas@ by Miguel Casas-Sanchez · 5 months ago stabilize-14411.B
  15. d797131 trace_replay: Added watchdog flag by Robert Tarasov · 5 months ago
  16. 799c6f7 trace_replay: Retrieve performance metrics for timed out replays by Robert Tarasov · 6 months ago stabilize-14395.B stabilize-14396.B
  17. cf84492 Update graphics OWNERS by Ilja H. Friedel · 6 months ago release-R98-14388.B stabilize-14388.52.B stabilize-14388.61.B stabilize-14388.62.B
  18. 21064c2 Centralize graphics OWNERS files by Ilja H. Friedel · 6 months ago
  19. e763fd0 Remove inactive graphics/OWNERS by Ilja H. Friedel · 6 months ago
  20. a26fc6d OWNERS: Split out without `set noparent` by Allen Webb · 6 months ago factory-kukui-14374.B stabilize-14385.B