Images embedded into the firmware for localizing UIs. (bmp == bitmap, blk == block, and "bmpblk" is a region in the firmware)

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  1. 8b23ed2 bmpblk: Change background color of language globe icon by Shelley Chen · 2 days ago master
  2. 23fef48 strings: Remove horizontal margin for font bitmaps by Yu-Ping Wu · 5 days ago
  3. 66aed63 bmpblk: Support debug info and firmware log by Hsuan Ting Chen · 6 days ago
  4. 9ae995c puff: Lower the screen resolution to 1920x1200 by Hsuan Ting Chen · 6 days ago
  5. 234fe7d strings: Update to-dev screen descriptions by Yu-Ping Wu · 8 days ago
  6. 46f4e4b firmware_strings: Update with translation request results by Shelley Chen · 11 days ago
  7. e580456 bmpblk: always specify reason for hi_res and text_colors by Joel Kitching · 12 days ago
  8. 59034a6 bmpblk: Enable hi_res for English, Spanish, Chinese by Shelley Chen · 2 weeks ago
  9. af435f0 strings: Update navigation instructions by Yu-Ping Wu · 2 weeks ago release-R85-13310.B
  10. d37cd83 bmpblk: Enable all locales for menu UI by Yu-Ping Wu · 3 weeks ago
  11. 6848574 puff: Generate hi_res images only for locale 'en' by Yu-Ping Wu · 3 weeks ago
  12. d71b445 bmpblk: Port to Python 3 by Yu-Ping Wu · 3 weeks ago
  13. 71e96ae bmpblk: Remove bitmap_viewer utility by Yu-Ping Wu · 3 weeks ago
  14. 02baacf bmpblk: Support power off option by Yu-Ping Wu · 3 weeks ago
  15. 43a6775 bmpblk: remove margins from ic_done and ic_error icons by Joel Kitching · 3 weeks ago
  16. 7b48bd2 bmpblk: adjust margins on monospace font by Joel Kitching · 3 weeks ago
  17. a4ca19c strings: Fix boot target in dev mode description by Yu-Ping Wu · 3 weeks ago
  18. 275cab7 firmware_strings.grd: Fix typo in the desc field by Shelley Chen · 3 weeks ago
  19. 1687a99 strings: Use grd file for easier translation flow by Jes Klinke · 4 weeks ago factory-endeavour-13295.B
  20. 6babeab images/ Return non-zero on error by Yu-Ping Wu · 4 weeks ago