(DEPRECATED) ChromeOS compositor Replaced by chromiumos/platform/sudbury.

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Compositor for ChromeOS


Build using portage

$ mkdir ~/trunk/src/third_party/chromiumos-overlay/chromeos-base/croscomp

$ ln -s  ../../../../platform/croscomp/croscomp-9999.ebuild \

$ emerge-$BOARD croscomp

Building in the CrOS SDK

$ export BOARD=strongbad

$ setup_board --board=$BOARD

C deps:

$ emerge-$BOARD libxkbcommon wayland pixman libdrm mtdev wayland-protocols cairo mesa-freedreno minigbm lcms pango opengles-headers

Rust deps:

$ emerge-$BOARD bitflags bindgen libloading nix smallvec xml-rs downcast-rs parking_lot_core lock_api owning_ref parking_lot scoped-tls pkg-config

$ ./do-build.sh

$ cros deploy $DUT mtdev


You may need to specify which mtdev to deploy

$ cros deploy $DUT sys-libs/mtdev

If croscomp doesn't run smoothly you can get more logs with: $ export WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 RUST_BACKTRACE=1 RUST_LOG=debug

Croscomp may be missing libinput that may require libevdev

$ cros deploy $DUT dev-libs/libevdev
$ cros deploy $DUT libinput

When running the ./do-build.sh script if you get the following error

$ ninja: error: loading 'build.ninja': No such file or directory`

It means meson generation failed to generate the build.ninja file, the easiest work around is to delete weston out folder and retry the script

$ rm /mnt/host/source/src/platform/croscomp/target/x86_64-cros-linux-gnu/debug/weston
$ ./do-build.sh

Running chrome under croscomp

Using the CLs from


build and deploy chrome to the device. You need

target_os = ["chromeos"]
ozone_platform_wayland = "true"
ozone_platform = "wayland"
use_wayland_egl = "false"
use_wayland_gbm = "true"

in the gn args and then

$ ninja -C out_$BOARD/Relase chrome

followed by

$ deploy_chrome --build-dir=out_$BOARD/Release --device=$DUT --nostartui

Make sure both ui and frecon are not running, then start croscomp remotely on the device and use scripts/start-chrome.sh to start the chrome login screen on croscomp.