Chromium OS Embedded Controller software
  1. 6fcd1c0  pd: add config options for including TCPM and TCPC separately by Alec Berg - 3 hours ago master
  2. 7c1231c  pd: initial split of protocol code to create port controller by Alec Berg - 4 hours ago
  3. 349aaa4  Cyan: add battery cutoff command by Hsu Henry - 7 hours ago
  4. 6791ac7  stm32f0: i2c: Add i2c_xfer repeated start support by Rong Chang - 2 days ago
  5. 3402e76  Cyan: Add interrupt disable pin for track pad. by Hsu Henry - 2 days ago
  6. aab035d  zinger: enable LTO by Vincent Palatin - 3 days ago
  7. 2650ff3  Add option to enable GCC LTO by Vincent Palatin - 3 days ago
  8. cb29daa  Skylake: Fix for "apreset cold" EC console command by Vijay Hiremath - 3 days ago
  9. 628bf15  driver: Add BMM150 behind BMI160 support. by Gwendal Grignou - 6 days ago release-R44-7077.B
  10. 0a71b44  cleanup: Use CONFIG_BATTERY_CUT_OFF for supported boards by Shawn Nematbakhsh - 6 days ago
  11. b4cbe7d  mec1322: Correct SPI image offsets by Shawn Nematbakhsh - 6 days ago
  12. b95215b  ryu: set HPD as open-drain by Vincent Palatin - 6 days ago
  13. a6d1e65  ec: fix -Wuninitialized warning. by Yunlian Jiang - 6 days ago
  14. 24f4e36  Use GCC instead of LD to trigger the linker by Vincent Palatin - 7 days ago
  15. 91b9c33  oak: Add oak EC and PD flash_ec support by Rong Chang - 7 days ago
  16. 1cdb908  kunimitsu: Initial GPIO and Power Sequence support by Kevin K Wong - 7 days ago
  17. e3dce49  cleanup: Use appropriate image geometry CONFIGs by Shawn Nematbakhsh - 7 days ago
  18. cba37a1  Fix type mismatch on extern declarations by Vincent Palatin - 7 days ago
  19. 6cd6765  sb_firmware: Fixed firmware version check by Sheng-Liang Song - 8 days ago
  20. 764c3fa  sb_firmware: enable retry for status.fw_update_supported by Sheng-Liang Song - 8 days ago