Chromium OS Embedded Controller software

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  1. cef3984 flash_ec: Disconnect EC-3PO interps when flashing. by Aseda Aboagye · 2 days ago master
  2. f700e3b nuc: Add support for CONFIG_LOW_POWER_S0. by Mulin Chao · 2 days ago
  3. 4ec554d ectool: add by Luigi Semenzato · 3 days ago
  4. c68e5a7 CR50: Add initialization code required by TPM2 compliance tests. by nagendra modadugu · 3 days ago
  5. ff52ac2 common: Fix sleep mask for multi-port lock. by Mulin Chao · 4 days ago stabilize-smaug-7897.B
  6. 1b9e6b2 Cr50: Modified the flash driver to retry operations as appropriate. by Nadim Taha · 4 days ago
  7. 00fbe2a kunimitus: add VCONN swap ability by li feng · 4 days ago
  8. c5e0634 cleanup: Fix signed vs unsigned typing by Shawn Nematbakhsh · 4 days ago
  9. 086e501 util: ec3po: Add OOBM queue and dynamic loglevels. by Aseda Aboagye · 5 days ago
  10. f6f06c9 NPCX: Move control of PD GPIO hibernation state to board by Anton Staaf · 5 days ago
  11. bc404c9 Enforce compilation without system headers by Stefan Reinauer · 5 days ago
  12. fc9ed52 Chell: Setting battery charging maximum value of temperature by Bruce · 5 days ago
  13. 8d3fe8d util: ec3po: Change console permissions to 660. by Aseda Aboagye · 5 days ago
  14. dfb7901 CR50: fix unaligned memory accesses in dcrypto/aes. by nagendra modadugu · 5 days ago
  15. 1ca9536 kunimitsu: lars: enable USB PD logging. by Todd Broch · 5 days ago
  16. 18197b8 CR50: fix incomplete hash state initialization. by nagendra modadugu · 5 days ago
  17. 33fe5e4 charger/Kunimitsu: Fix for boot from cut-off battery by Vijay Hiremath · 5 days ago
  18. 0c50cae nuc: Reduce the period of watchdog check timer by CHLin · 5 days ago
  19. 83b9a7e CR50: define EMBEDDED_MODE=1 for code under cr50. by nagendra modadugu · 5 days ago
  20. 990ca7a pd: Reinitialize state variables on TCPC reset by Shawn Nematbakhsh · 5 days ago