Chromium OS Embedded Controller software
  1. a97af9a  Move target specific GCC code generation options by Vincent Palatin - 22 hours ago master
  2. 908c93b  ec: fix duplicate 'const' warning for clang.. by Yunlian Jiang - 23 hours ago
  3. 70be516  samus_pd: Don't put pstate in a separate erase block by Randall Spangler - 27 hours ago
  4. 932eb3d  flash: Add option to move pstate inside RO image by Randall Spangler - 28 hours ago
  5. 0df8900  pd: add a connection flag to pd port info for host by Vincent Palatin - 28 hours ago
  6. 78de926  i2c: Support I2C controllers with multiple ports by Shawn Nematbakhsh - 28 hours ago
  7. bbdf126  strago: Added power/battery LED support. by li feng - 2 days ago
  8. f55a7e5  clean up x86 i/o checks by Mike Frysinger - 2 days ago
  9. a5b3bb0  strago: Added temperature reading for battery. by Kevin K Wong - 3 days ago
  10. 4fce69d  mec1322: Changed to generate ec.bin for the firmware binary. by Icarus Sparry - 3 days ago
  11. 6ab1f5b  usb: Remove unnecessary alignment for descriptors by Bill Richardson - 3 days ago
  12. 5654ded  strago: Enabled accelerometer support. by Kevin K Wong - 4 days ago
  13. 26c777c  Strago: Enable and config charger BQ24770 by li feng - 4 days ago
  14. 84e85bd  pd: Qualify modep pointer before use. by Todd Broch - 4 days ago
  15. 3779b8c  strago: Added support for TMP432 temperature sensor. by Kevin K Wong - 5 days ago
  16. 356695d  panic: Fix unaligned memory access panic by li feng - 5 days ago
  17. e4006bb  mec1322: Updated code to only clear the interrupt status bit of LPC_RESET#. by Kevin K Wong - 5 days ago
  18. 8580227  mec1322: Added CONFIG_SWITCH support. by Kevin K Wong - 5 days ago
  19. af27fe8  CCD: Switch PD_NO_DEBUG logic to use system_is_locked by Anton Staaf - 5 days ago
  20. 8c0cef2  USB: Fix memcpy routines by Anton Staaf - 5 days ago