Coreboot payload for booting the system super fast

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  1. 9c7177e crossystem: rename vdat to chromeos_acpi by Joel Kitching · 2 days ago master
  2. 0db9ed7 vboot: Add 'legacy' (4) into mainfw_type. by Hung-Te Lin · 6 days ago
  3. 35d73c6 drivers/sound/pcat_beep: make cast down explicit to soothe new GCCs by Patrick Georgi · 7 days ago
  4. 5b676f5 debug:cli: TPM driver load optional by Lijian Zhao · 7 days ago
  5. ede1a27 src/drivers/bus/spi: Configure the chip select state correctly by Aamir Bohra · 7 days ago
  6. e7cfe91 drivers/video/ww_ring: initialize rv to satisfy gcc 8.1 by Patrick Georgi · 13 days ago
  7. 50d903b drivers/storage/sdhci: Set clock if it is not already enabled by Furquan Shaikh · 2 weeks ago
  8. 452acdf depthcharge: Use -Og instead of -O0 when debugging by Raul E Rangel · 2 weeks ago
  9. 27c6a3b Revert "nocturne: disable p-states" by Aseda Aboagye · 3 weeks ago
  10. 77ead97 rammus: Add support for new board by Zhuohao Lee · 4 weeks ago
  11. f78de8d arch/x86: Add post code before starting kernel by Hannah Williams · 4 weeks ago release-R69-10895.B
  12. a890e57 grunt: Remove explicit usb host controller from board.c by Raul E Rangel · 4 weeks ago
  13. dd6429e octopus: upgrade ps8751 firmware if present by Jett Rink · 5 weeks ago
  14. 585127f cleanup: fix return description by Jett Rink · 5 weeks ago stabilize-10866.B
  15. 367feeb sdhci: Change hostcontrol2 speed mode to SDR_25 for HS by Bora Guvendik · 5 weeks ago
  16. d231f43 board: Add initial config for board 'kukui'. by Hung-Te Lin · 6 weeks ago
  17. bfb6640 src/drivers/{gpio,soc}/*: Move pcr port address calculation to common pcr lib by Aamir Bohra · 6 weeks ago
  18. 515770d vboot_aux_fw: skip upgrading TCPC firmware if busy by Jett Rink · 6 weeks ago
  19. cf37ed4 src/drivers/power: Update cnl power off args to include abase directly by Aamir Bohra · 6 weeks ago
  20. 66d3c4d clang-format: Add clang format to depthcharge by Raul E Rangel · 6 weeks ago