bisect-kit: Find internal checkout in platform/

Per the attached bug, we are moving the bisect-kit/internal repo.
Previously it was checked out at the nested location
chromium/src/platform/bisect-kit/internal/. Now it is instead found at

The only place that this is referenced in bisect-kit/ code is in
bisect-kit/bisect_kit/, which searches bisect-kit/ for
`internal`. With this CL, it will instead search the parent dir
(src/platform/) for the `bisect-kit-internal/` dir.

TEST=./ -- This gave me 3 failures, but those tests are also
     failing on HEAD.
     Open a Python debugger (pdb). Run:
         from bisect_kit import cros_util
     1.  On HEAD, this should print the longer string specified in
     2.  If we remove the nested `bisect-kit/internal/` dir (but still
	 on HEAD), it should now print the shorter string specified in
         `bisect_kit/`, since the internal plugin is not
         found in its normal location.
     3.  If we add a checkout of the internal repo at
         `src/platform/bisect-kit-internal/` (but bisect-kit is still on
         HEAD), it should still print the shorter string from
     4.  Finally, if we apply this CL, it should now find the internal
         checkout at the new location, and thus print the longer string
         specified in `bisect-kit-internal/`.

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