Revert "bisect-kit: Build the test container"

This reverts commit 0eadece99598b2589d03a57b3f73e7c1772df3b1.

Reason for revert: Causes bisect builds to INFRA_FAIL. Bisect builds
have a forward slash ("/") in their cros-version, which fails our
regex validation. See attached bug for more info.

Original change's description:
> bisect-kit: Build the test container
> The test container will be useful if we want to run the test on CTP.
> Without the test container, the test runner will fail with:
> "No valid request found" (For example: go/bbid/8753757676085851313)
> To build the test container, we will need to specify the
> container_version_format in the builder properties.
> Because the "build images" is always longer than the "create test
> service containers" step, the total build time would not increase
> after we landed
> BUG=b:181714167
> TEST=Create a build request: go/bbid/8753700897727294497
> TEST=And test request success: go/bbid/8753690340609556881
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BUG=b:181714167, b:332378614

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