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Hypervisor Support

Multiple hypervisor backends are supported. See Advanced Usage for overriding the default backend.

Hypervisors added to crosvm must meet the following requirements:

  • Hypervisor code must be buildable in crosvm upstream.
    • Within reason, crosvm maintainers will ensure the hypervisor's code continues to build.
  • Hypervisors are not required to be tested upstream.
    • We can't require testing upstream because some hypervisors require specialized hardware.
    • When not tested upstream, the hypervisor‘s maintainers are expected to test it downstream. If a change to crosvm breaks something downstream, then the hypervisor’s maintainers are expected to supply the fix and can't expect a revert of the culprit change to be accepted upstream.


  • Platforms: Linux
  • Tested upstream: yes

KVM is crosvm's preferred hypervisor for Linux.



Android Specific

The hypervisors in this section are used as backends of the Android Virtualization Framework.