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  1. 399fa8b gralloc: Remove release_fence arg from cros_gralloc_driver::flush() by Jason Macnak · 5 days ago main
  2. 3018207 i915: add missing returns in i915_bo_compute_metadata by Yiwei Zhang · 6 days ago
  3. a1b820f Revert "virtgpu_virgl: use blobs NV12 encoder input" by David Stevens · 6 days ago
  4. 0c39bc0 DIR_METADATA: Add V2 Test Plans. by Navil Perez · 7 days ago
  5. eccb7f8 i915: avoid vertical alignment for FORMAT_BLOB by Yiwei Zhang · 3 weeks ago stabilize-15251.B
  6. 7eb9e82 virtgpu_virgl: use blobs NV12 encoder input by David Stevens · 3 weeks ago
  7. fc3146f virtgpu_virgl: Fix format style by Fei Shao · 3 weeks ago stabilize-15245.B
  8. 29aeabe gralloc: Handle PixelFormat::R_8 by Jason Macnak · 3 weeks ago
  9. bef7c87 virtgpu_virgl: remove unused parameter by David Stevens · 3 weeks ago
  10. a375189 mediatek: Add MT8188G definition by Fei Shao · 4 weeks ago release-R109-15236.B
  11. cb63982 mediatek: One line per board definition by Fei Shao · 4 weeks ago
  12. 0b46921 minigbm: dri: Enabled useInvalidate for buffer invalidation. by Ikshwaku Chauhan · 6 weeks ago factory-brya-15231.B firmware-nissa-15217.B
  13. 97e07de minigbm: Add tile4 support by Vipin Anand · 7 weeks ago factory-trogdor-15210.B stabilize-15207.B stabilize-15208.B
  14. 0377635 minigbm: tiling ioctls not supported based on number of fence by Mohanram Meenakshisundaram · 7 weeks ago
  15. 1d54c83 minigbm: Add MTL PCI-IDs by Ap, Kamal · 7 weeks ago
  16. 6fb145b Revert "mediatek: ensure stride meets Android requirement for YVU420" by Yiwei Zhang · 9 weeks ago factory-corsola-15196.B factory-nissa-15199.B firmware-corsola-15194.B release-R108-15183.B stabilize-15174.B stabilize-15183.14.B stabilize-15185.B
  17. b2dde01 mediatek: ensure total size satisfy luma padding for Sigurd based GPU by Yiwei Zhang · 10 weeks ago firmware-duplo-15151.B stabilize-15167.B
  18. 23d5fb3 mediatek: ensure stride meets Android requirement for YVU420 by Yiwei Zhang · 10 weeks ago
  19. fcc59f7 Revert "mediatek: temporarily workaround a gpu driver bug to unblock cts" by Yiwei Zhang · 10 weeks ago
  20. 99387a7 Revert "minigbm/msm: disable UBWC for virtualization" by Rob Clark · 3 months ago stabilize-15122.B stabilize-15129.B