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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/macros.h>
#include "pkcs11/cryptoki.h"
namespace chaps {
class Object;
enum OperationType {
// Session is the interface for a PKCS #11 session. This component is
// responsible for maintaining session state including the state of any multi-
// part operations and any session objects. It is also responsible for
// executing all session-specific operations.
class Session {
virtual ~Session() {}
// General state management (see PKCS #11 v2.20: 11.6 C_GetSessionInfo).
virtual int GetSlot() const = 0;
virtual CK_STATE GetState() const = 0;
virtual bool IsReadOnly() const = 0;
virtual bool IsOperationActive(OperationType type) const = 0;
// Object management (see PKCS #11 v2.20: 11.7).
virtual CK_RV CreateObject(const CK_ATTRIBUTE_PTR attributes,
int num_attributes,
int* new_object_handle) = 0;
virtual CK_RV CopyObject(const CK_ATTRIBUTE_PTR attributes,
int num_attributes,
int object_handle,
int* new_object_handle) = 0;
virtual CK_RV DestroyObject(int object_handle) = 0;
virtual bool GetObject(int object_handle, const Object** object) = 0;
virtual bool GetModifiableObject(int object_handle, Object** object) = 0;
virtual bool FlushModifiableObject(Object* object) = 0;
virtual CK_RV FindObjectsInit(const CK_ATTRIBUTE_PTR attributes,
int num_attributes) = 0;
virtual CK_RV FindObjects(int max_object_count,
std::vector<int>* object_handles) = 0;
virtual CK_RV FindObjectsFinal() = 0;
// Cryptographic operations (encrypt, decrypt, digest, sign, verify). See
// PKCS #11 v2.20: 11.8 through 11.12 for details on these operations. See
// section 11.2 for a description of PKCS #11 operation output semantics.
// All methods providing output use the following parameters:
// required_out_length - Provides the maximum output receivable on input
// and is populated with the required output length.
// data_out - Is populated with output data if the required output length
// is not greater than the maximum receivable length.
// Otherwise, the method must be called again with an
// appropriate maximum in order to receive the output. All
// input will be ignored until the output has been received by
// the caller.
// OperationInit - Initializes a cryptographic operation for this session
// (like C_EncryptInit for an encrypt operation).
// operation - The operation type to be initialized. Only one operation of a
// given type may be active at a given time (like PKCS #11).
// mechanism - The PKCS #11 mechanism to be executed.
// key - The key to use for the operation (may be NULL only if the operation
// does not use a key (e.g. Digest).
virtual CK_RV OperationInit(OperationType operation,
const std::string& mechanism_parameter,
const Object* key) = 0;
// Continues an operation that is already active (like C_EncryptUpdate). If
// the operation does not provide output (e.g. C_DigestUpdate),
// required_out_length and data_out may be NULL. If the operation does produce
// output then these parameters must not be NULL (even if none is expected
// this iteration).
virtual CK_RV OperationUpdate(OperationType operation,
const std::string& data_in,
int* required_out_length,
std::string* data_out) = 0;
// Finalizes an operation for which all input has been provided (like
// C_EncryptFinal. The required_out_length and data_out parameters must not be
// NULL. Verify operations must use VerifyFinal.
virtual CK_RV OperationFinal(OperationType operation,
int* required_out_length,
std::string* data_out) = 0;
// Finalizes a signature verification operation (like C_VerifyFinal).
virtual CK_RV VerifyFinal(const std::string& signature) = 0;
// Performs an entire operation in a single step (like C_Encrypt). This is
// like calling OperationUpdate followed by OperationFinal but with combined
// output semantics (i.e. buffer-too-small case will return total output size
// for both steps).
virtual CK_RV OperationSinglePart(OperationType operation,
const std::string& data_in,
int* required_out_length,
std::string* data_out) = 0;
// Key generation (see PKCS #11 v2.20: 11.14).
virtual CK_RV GenerateKey(CK_MECHANISM_TYPE mechanism,
const std::string& mechanism_parameter,
const CK_ATTRIBUTE_PTR attributes,
int num_attributes,
int* new_key_handle) = 0;
virtual CK_RV GenerateKeyPair(CK_MECHANISM_TYPE mechanism,
const std::string& mechanism_parameter,
const CK_ATTRIBUTE_PTR public_attributes,
int num_public_attributes,
const CK_ATTRIBUTE_PTR private_attributes,
int num_private_attributes,
int* new_public_key_handle,
int* new_private_key_handle) = 0;
// Random number generation (see PKCS #11 v2.20: 11.15).
virtual CK_RV SeedRandom(const std::string& seed) = 0;
virtual CK_RV GenerateRandom(int num_bytes, std::string* random_data) = 0;
// Waits for private objects to be loaded before returning.
virtual void WaitForPrivateObjects() = 0;
} // namespace chaps
#endif // CHAPS_SESSION_H_