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  1. bf21bdb libbrillo: Add getting device market segment policy by Eric Wang · 3 days ago main
  2. fe10f77 libbrillo: Make Chrome mount namespace readonly, noexec by Betul Soysal · 11 days ago
  3. 1e45c21 platform2: change some base include headers by hscham · 3 weeks ago
  4. cc44fa1 Add base/check.h or base/check_op.h based on CHECK* macros. by Qijiang Fan · 5 weeks ago
  5. 3296876 libbrillo: Add SecureClear for C-style arrays and generic objects by Tom Hughes · 6 weeks ago

libbrillo: platform utility library

libbrillo is a shared library meant to hold common utility code that we deem useful for platform projects. It supplements the functionality provided by libbase/libchrome since that project, by design, only holds functionality that Chromium (the browser) needs. As a result, this tends to be more OS-centric code.

AOSP Usage

This project is also used by Update Engine which is maintained in AOSP. However, AOSP doesn't use this codebase directly, it maintains its own libbrillo fork.

To help keep the projects in sync, we have a gsubtree set up on our GoB:

This allows AOSP to cherry pick or merge changes directly back into their fork.