1. dc5729d system_api: Add ApplyDeferredUpdateAdvanced method and proto by Yuanpeng Ni · 5 hours ago main
  2. 067443a vm_tools: allow custom bios pflash via vmc by Mike Gerow · 10 hours ago
  3. d751f66 system_api: attestation: add ADID to the PCA request field. by Leo Lai · 19 hours ago
  4. 354de5f mojo_service_manager: Move constants to system_api by Chung-Sheng Wu · 24 hours ago
  5. 47a5c03 dlp: Update protos to have paths & more info by Aya ElAttar · 33 hours ago
  6. abab65e system_api: Add IioSensor service name by Harvey Yang · 2 days ago
  7. aa799da cryptohome: Implement AuthSession::UpdateAuthFactor for USS by Anastasiia N · 2 days ago
  8. ffa2469 spaced: Add stateful disk state signal by Sarthak Kukreti · 2 days ago
  9. 564038e system_api: add fusebox DirEntryProto.mode_bits by Nigel Tao · 3 days ago
  10. 1771b77 system_api: Public NumberOfVolumeSteps for dbus api by whalechang · 3 days ago
  11. 7d8d114 vm_tools: extend vm info to support storage balloons by danielng · 4 days ago
  12. 3b3e710 vm_tools: Add flag for setting Crostini IMEs env vars by Timothy Loh · 4 days ago
  13. 8d9d31c Revert "system_api: Add mojo SensorHalClient Service name" by Cheng-Hao Yang · 4 days ago
  14. 3befa16 dlp: Replace IsRestricted with IsFileTransferRestricted by Luca Accorsi · 9 days ago
  15. f379d21 system_api: Support device setup cert in AttestationCertificateRequest by Kushagra Sinha · 10 days ago
  16. 887d747 system_api: Add SmartCard AuthFactor definitions by Thomas Cedeno · 10 days ago
  17. 03c866b system_api: Add go_package support for user_data_auth protos by John Admanski · 10 days ago
  18. 3b33709 system_api: Remove kFourZoneFifteenLed from dbus constants by David Padlipsky · 10 days ago
  19. 924aad2 system_api: Add mojo SensorHalClient Service name by Harvey Yang · 11 days ago
  20. 533ed2e system_api: add more FuseBox D-Bus names by Nigel Tao · 12 days ago
  21. 48bed2c rmad: Move RoVerification, ReturningOwner, MainboardReplacement to proto by Gene Chang · 12 days ago
  22. ac374a4 system_api: Add request & reply for ListAuthFactors by John Admanski · 13 days ago
  23. bb5ce9d modemfwd: Add a specific error for devices without a modem by Andrew Lassalle · 14 days ago
  24. e6cbdf1 rmad: Move AdditionalActivity to proto by Gene Chang · 2 weeks ago
  25. fd54de5 rmad: Move WpDisableMethod to proto by Gene Chang · 2 weeks ago
  26. ab69a04 system_api: Add kMountProgress by François Degros · 2 weeks ago
  27. 545cd15 rgbkbd: Change support of FourZoneFifteenLed to FourZoneFourLed by David Padlipsky · 2 weeks ago
  28. c32a2b2 system_api: Adding constants for dev mode unblock broker methods by Ujjwal Pande · 2 weeks ago
  29. 8da04b6 system_api: Add Kiosk AuthFactor Definition by Hardik Goyal · 2 weeks ago
  30. 1fbc936 system_api: Add method CheckTetheringReadiness and the return strings by Jintao Lin · 2 weeks ago
  31. ae015e2 cryptohome: Add `DEVICE_SETUP_CERTIFICATE` cert type by Kushagra Sinha · 2 weeks ago
  32. b652593 rgbkbd: Check range of SetTestingMode capabilities by David Padlipsky · 3 weeks ago
  33. 42346d1 system_api: remove AuthFactorIdentifier as it is not needed by Hardik Goyal · 3 weeks ago
  34. d0e445d system_api: update userdataauth::UpdateAuthFactor interface. by Zi Lin · 3 weeks ago
  35. 25c0bce runtime_probe: Add ufs_storage probe function by Kevin Lin · 3 weeks ago
  36. 125f6f0 login_manager: Add support for dev mode unblock broker by Ujjwal Pande · 3 weeks ago
  37. e15116f system_api: add discod DBus interface by Daniil Lunev · 4 weeks ago
  38. 7ad3fff Revert "rgbkbd: Check range of SetTestingMode capabilities" by Jimmy Gong · 4 weeks ago
  39. f1a5b34 system_api: Bring back security constants to DBus API by Andrzej Ostruszka · 4 weeks ago
  40. c8e08b5 system_api: Add more rmad provisioning errors by Cheng-Han Yang · 4 weeks ago
  41. e39d42e rgbkbd: Check range of SetTestingMode capabilities by Jimmy Gong · 4 weeks ago
  42. 9aac35e system_api: Add dlcservice dbus API and proto by Chih-Yang Hsia · 4 weeks ago
  43. 69af2ed system_api: Add update_engine deferred update method and operation by Yuanpeng Ni · 4 weeks ago
  44. 0c7540b shill: Make portal urls writable by Michael Rygiel · 4 weeks ago
  45. 7bcef82 system_api: Remove kFiveZone from RgbKeyboardCapabilities by Michael Checo · 4 weeks ago
  46. b31f95d shill: Make split between Security and SecurityClass by Andrzej Ostruszka · 4 weeks ago
  47. 50b007b debugd: drop unused journald code by Mike Frysinger · 4 weeks ago
  48. aa9c703 system_api: Compile ml protos for golang by Derek Basehore · 5 weeks ago
  49. f2c1b0b vm_tools: Add methods to get info for running containers by David Munro · 5 weeks ago
  50. ccf7d46 patchpanel: Signal NetworkConfigurationChanged on DNS proxy addresses update by Jason Jeremy Iman · 5 weeks ago
  51. 90f629e patchpanel: Pass DNS proxy addresses on GetDevices by Jason Jeremy Iman · 5 weeks ago
  52. de72c56 vm_tools: pass-through the swappiness parameter to arc kernel by Alex Gimenez · 5 weeks ago
  53. 137f41b cryptohome: Implement UserDataAuth::RemoveAuthFactor by Anastasiia N · 5 weeks ago
  54. f3b1373 rgbkbd: Rename kFiveZone to kFourZoneFortyLed by David Padlipsky · 5 weeks ago
  55. ab0d4ee system_api: Add kSetBluetoothQualityReport to namespace bluetooth_debug by Joseph Hwang · 5 weeks ago
  56. b0d4ab3 modemfwd: Send FW revision reported by MM to helper executables by Pavan Holla · 5 weeks ago
  57. d786bf9 vm_tools: concierge: add SetBalloonTimer by Shintaro Kawamura · 5 weeks ago
  58. b25c401 vm_tools: Support attaching USB devices to a specific container by James Ye · 6 weeks ago
  59. 98b02a5 lvmd: Expose create LV operation by Jae Hoon Kim · 6 weeks ago
  60. b833a96 system_api: Use string for auth_factor_label by Maksim Ivanov · 6 weeks ago
  61. b317e75 lvmd: Create LVM D-Bus daemon + exposing LV getters by Jae Hoon Kim · 6 weeks ago
  62. dcfba1c vm_tools: Remove deprecated+unused methods by David Munro · 6 weeks ago
  63. 98ffe74 rgbkbd: Add kFourZoneTwelveLed/kFourZoneFifteenLed to KeyboardCapabilities by Michael Checo · 6 weeks ago
  64. 95ba8b3 cryptohome: Delete SetProjectId D-Bus method by Ryo Hashimoto · 6 weeks ago
  65. 015f8e3 system_api: Add CryptohomeErrorInfo to Unmount, Remove and ListKeys by John L Chen · 6 weeks ago
  66. a7e19b5 system_api: Add param to StartArcVmRequest by Bryan Yu · 6 weeks ago
  67. c91dedf system_api: extend proto to support ext4 and storage ballooning by danielng · 6 weeks ago
  68. 9b6bdd1 hiberman: Add auth_session ResumeFromHibernate() method by Evan Green · 6 weeks ago
  69. 224a849 cryptohome: Prepare hibernate secret in AuthSession flow by Evan Green · 6 weeks ago
  70. 0fc986b vm_tools: Adds sending ansible status strings through to Cicerone by Justin Huang · 6 weeks ago
  71. c35e6da vm_tools: system_api: Add vtpm_proxy option by Yi Chou · 7 weeks ago
  72. 244dfea vm_tools: vm_cicerone: send sftp_port to ash. by Emil Mikulic · 7 weeks ago
  73. 08f0789 system_api: add comments for port numbers by Emil Mikulic · 7 weeks ago
  74. ce42313 vm_tools: concierge: add option to lock guest pages. by Alex Gimenez · 7 weeks ago
  75. 7d8ebaa Reland "concierge: Add Vsock Connection to ARCVM's LMKD" by Kameron Lutes · 7 weeks ago
  76. 85d6b46 system_api: Add |ExternalDiskDetected| signal for rmad by Cheng-Han Yang · 8 weeks ago
  77. 87de17d system_api: Add tethering DBus properties by Jintao Lin · 8 weeks ago
  78. fc2dd44 system_api: Add healthd mojo services by Chung-Sheng Wu · 8 weeks ago
  79. 0687774 system_api: Add sftp-server port by Risan · 8 weeks ago
  80. cb6ed3e system_api: Add available AuthFactor info for the user by Hardik Goyal · 8 weeks ago
  81. ede11fe power: Return deepest suspend state in SuspendDone by Evan Green · 8 weeks ago
  82. 1394445 crosh: Add builtin_corpssh command by Howard Yang · 9 weeks ago
  83. 10cb879 permission_broker: Support USB device partial interface claim part 3 by Jack Hsieh · 9 weeks ago
  84. c0454c3 system_api: add MtpStorageInfo serial_number field by Nigel Tao · 9 weeks ago
  85. 84a0bd8 system_api: Add CapabilityUpdatedForTesting DBus constants by Jimmy Gong · 9 weeks ago
  86. caca69f system_api: Update protobuf version in Cargo.toml by Evan Green · 9 weeks ago
  87. 6bf8fe7 Revert "concierge: Add Vsock Connection to ARCVM's LMKD" by Ryo Hashimoto · 9 weeks ago
  88. a97789c system_api: move VmType to top-level for reuse by Joel Hockey · 9 weeks ago
  89. 367348e vm_tools: concierge: Pass panel_orientation to ARCVM. by Yuichiro Hanada · 9 weeks ago
  90. 343a26d system_api: Add VTPM interface into build.rs by Yi Chou · 9 weeks ago
  91. 8173743 patchpanel: Manually add IPv6 route for DNS proxy's namespaces by Jason Jeremy Iman · 9 weeks ago
  92. 07c64be system_api: Add update_engine deferred update status by Jae Hoon Kim · 9 weeks ago
  93. 4e7d0d5 shill: Print link statistics for DHCP and portal detection diagnosis by Kaidong Wang · 2 months ago
  94. 81982ef vm_tools: Discard SetVmId by Yury Khmel · 3 months ago
  95. c772563 debugd: Correct dbus constant by Brian Geffon · 3 months ago
  96. fb9754c modemfwd: Add structured metrics for modemfwd by Ujjwal Pande · 3 months ago
  97. 315a946 system_api: rmad: Add custom-label-tag fields by Gene Chang · 3 months ago
  98. cae00f3 Remove disable_system_default_app parameter by Bryan Yu · 3 months ago
  99. 0443ca1 Add a new option to skip TTS cache setup in Android. by Hung Nguyen · 3 months ago
  100. fcfe475 login: Pass migration mode as command arg to Chrome. by Yuta Hijikata · 3 months ago