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/* Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#define MAX_VOLUME 100
#define NUM_VOLUME_STEPS (MAX_VOLUME + 1) /* 0-100 inclusive. */
/* Holds the function that converts from a volume index to a dBFS value. */
struct cras_volume_curve {
/* Function to convert from index to dBFS value.
* Args:
* curve - A curve from cras_volume_curve_create_* functions.
* volume - The volume level from 0 to 100.
* Returns:
* The volume to apply in dB * 100. This value will normally be
* negative and is means dB down from full scale.
long (*get_dBFS)(const struct cras_volume_curve *curve, size_t volume);
/* Creates a system-default volume curve. The default curve maps one volume step
* to 1 dB down.
* Returns null on error, or the new volume curve on success.
struct cras_volume_curve *cras_volume_curve_create_default();
/* Creates a volume curve with a specified max volume and step.
* Args:
* max_volume - Maximum volume allowed in dBFS.
* volume_step - Number of dB to change for one volume tick.
struct cras_volume_curve *
cras_volume_curve_create_simple_step(long max_volume, long volume_step);
/* Creates a volume curve with each step's dB value called out.
* Args:
* dB_values - Each element specifies what the volume should be set to (in
* dB) for the volume at that index.
* Returns:
* A volume curve pointer that should be passed to
* cras_volume_curve_destroy() when it is no longer needed. If there is an
* error NULL will be returned.
struct cras_volume_curve *
cras_volume_curve_create_explicit(long dB_values[101]);
/* Destroys a curve created with cras_volume_curve_create_*.
* Args:
* curve - The curve to destroy.
void cras_volume_curve_destroy(struct cras_volume_curve *curve);
#endif /* CRAS_VOLUME_CURVE_H_ */