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/* Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
struct linear_resampler;
/* Creates a linear resampler.
* Args:
* num_channels - The number of channels in each frames.
* format_bytes - The length of one frame in bytes.
* src_rate - The source rate to resample from.
* dst_rate - The destination rate to resample to.
struct linear_resampler *linear_resampler_create(unsigned int num_channels,
unsigned int format_bytes,
float src_rate,
float dst_rate);
/* Sets the rates for the linear resampler.
* Args:
* from - The rate to resample from.
* to - The rate to resample to.
void linear_resampler_set_rates(struct linear_resampler *lr, float from,
float to);
/* Converts the frames count from output rate to input rate. */
unsigned int linear_resampler_out_frames_to_in(struct linear_resampler *lr,
unsigned int frames);
/* Converts the frames count from input rate to output rate. */
unsigned int linear_resampler_in_frames_to_out(struct linear_resampler *lr,
unsigned int frames);
/* Returns true if SRC is needed, otherwise return false. */
int linear_resampler_needed(struct linear_resampler *lr);
/* Run linear resample for audio samples.
* Args:
* lr - The linear resampler.
* src - The input buffer.
* src_frames - The number of frames of input buffer.
* dst - The output buffer.
* dst_frames - The number of frames of output buffer.
unsigned int linear_resampler_resample(struct linear_resampler *lr,
uint8_t *src, unsigned int *src_frames,
uint8_t *dst, unsigned dst_frames);
/* Destroy a linear resampler. */
void linear_resampler_destroy(struct linear_resampler *lr);
#endif /* LINEAR_RESAMPLER_H_ */