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  1. 6763452 cli_info: Dump per frame metrics for trace files by Robert Tarasov · 4 months ago factory-puff-13329.B-master factory-trogdor-13443.B-master factory-zork-13427.B-master firmware-volteer-13521.B-master firmware-zork-13421.B-master firmware-zork-13434.B-master master release-R86-13421.B-master release-R87-13505.B-master stabilize-13360.B-master stabilize-13421.42.B-master stabilize-13421.53.B-master stabilize-13482.B-master stabilize-13525.B-master stabilize-13532.B-master stabilize-rust-13514.B-master
  2. 29f6af3 gltrace: Consider unpack parameters when writing compressed texture by werman · 5 months ago factory-endeavour-13295.B-master firmware-puff-13324.B-master release-R85-13310.B-master stabilize-13310.72.B-master stabilize-13310.74.B-master stabilize-13310.83.B-master stabilize-13310.94.B-master stabilize-13310.99.B-master stabilize-lazor-13278.B-master stabilize-quickfix-13310.73.B-master stabilize-quickfix-13310.76.B-master stabilize-quickfix-13310.91.B-master
  3. ab709df d3dretrace: More complete igpu/dgpu selection. by Jose Fonseca · 5 months ago
  4. 0aa0403 d3dretrace: Partial implementation of igpu/dgpu selection for DXGI. by Jose Fonseca · 5 months ago
  5. da81a3a specs: Add DXGI interfaces added on Windows 10.0.18362 SDK. by Jose Fonseca · 5 months ago
  6. 9bef95e gui: preserve main window size and layout between restarts by velorums · 5 months ago
  7. 913565c gui: fix PixelWidget hotkeys by velorums · 5 months ago
  8. 206996a gui: make PixelWidget pass keypresses through so they reach scrollbars by velorums · 5 months ago
  9. b155fa7 specs: Support DXGI 1.6. by Jose Fonseca · 5 months ago
  10. 7a6f842 specs: Port cxx2api script back to Python 2. by Jose Fonseca · 5 months ago
  11. efff1da guids: Add a few missing GUIDs. by Jose Fonseca · 5 months ago
  12. 76a2483 gltrace: Commit all writes to coherent buffers before syncing them back by Danylo Piliaiev · 5 months ago
  13. b38db32 glws_glx: Allow pixel buffers in GlxDrawable::swapBuffers by Danylo Piliaiev · 5 months ago
  14. 5d320ab glretrace: Exit early when state dumping is not possible. by Jose Fonseca · 5 months ago
  15. 94d5f31 glretrace: Fixed issue where state could be dumped before the requested call had been executed in a multithreaded trace. by Martin Sherburn · 5 months ago
  16. 4b02e35 glretrace: Show current frame number in window title by Alex Smith · 5 months ago
  17. aaa95fc Add the new client application 'info' by Robert Tarasov · 5 months ago
  18. 7c3f391 docs: Update build instructions for VS 2019. by Jose Fonseca · 5 months ago
  19. 8bea5be cmake: Get CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION from git tag. by Jose Fonseca · 5 months ago
  20. db828e9 appveyor: Set shorter job names. by Jose Fonseca · 5 months ago