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A library for on-device text classification (address, telephone number, emails etc.).

Usage in Chrome OS

To use libtextclassifier, one also needs to install a flatbuffer model defined in “model.fbs”. For simplicity, this model file will be installed in the ebuild of ml-service.

And libtextclassifier currently depends on the chrome-icu package which requires explicitly initializing the icu data, just like chrome.

The ml-service is currently the only user of this library. If another library in Chrome OS also wants to use it, please let the owners of ml-service and libtextclassifier know because then,

  1. we need to make libtextclassifier into a shared library to save space;
  2. we may also need to move the installation of libtextclassifier‘s model file into libtextclassifier’s ebuild.