A crash-reporting system

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  1. 1697314 fuchsia: Make Filesystem.RemoveFile, .RemoveDirectory pass by Scott Graham · 65 minutes ago master
  2. 05dee13 fuchsia: Add QEMU and helper script to start/stop instance by Scott Graham · 70 minutes ago
  3. 0924e56 linux: Add PtraceBroker and PtraceClient by Joshua Peraza · 2 days ago
  4. 13d0def android, win: Enable colored test output when available by Mark Mentovai · 2 days ago
  5. 0cc63d4 android: Make run_tests.py work on Android versions before 7.0 (N) by Mark Mentovai · 2 days ago


Crashpad is a crash-reporting system.


Source Code

Crashpad’s source code is hosted in a Git repository at https://chromium.googlesource.com/crashpad/crashpad.

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