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// Copyright 2022 The ChromiumOS Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use std::cmp::Reverse;
use std::fmt;
use std::sync::Arc;
use std::time::Duration;
use std::time::Instant;
use sync::Mutex;
/// Helper enum to distinguish between read stats and write stats.
#[derive(Clone, Copy)]
pub(crate) enum BusOperation {
/// Identifying information about a device on the Bus, used for statistics.
#[derive(Clone, Default, Eq, PartialEq, Debug)]
struct DeviceStatisticsIdentifier {
/// Name of the device
name: String,
/// Id of the device
id: u32,
/// Base address where the device was added to the bus.
base: u64,
/// Length of address range this device entry covers.
len: u64,
impl DeviceStatisticsIdentifier {
fn new(name: String, id: u32, base: u64, len: u64) -> DeviceStatisticsIdentifier {
DeviceStatisticsIdentifier {
/// Get a json representation of `self`.
fn json(&self) -> serde_json::Value {
"base": self.base,
"len": self.len})
/// Statistics about how a device has been accessed via a Bus.
#[derive(Clone, Default, Eq, PartialEq, Debug)]
struct DeviceStatistics {
/// Counter of the number of reads performed.
read_counter: u64,
/// Total duration of reads performed.
read_duration: Duration,
/// Counter of the number of writes performed.
write_counter: u64,
/// Total duration of writes performed.
write_duration: Duration,
impl DeviceStatistics {
/// Increment either a read counter or a write counter, depending on `stat`. Also add the
/// time elapsed since `start` to read_duration or write_duration respectively.
fn increment(&mut self, stat: BusOperation, start: Instant) {
let (counter, duration) = match stat {
BusOperation::Read => (&mut self.read_counter, &mut self.read_duration),
BusOperation::Write => (&mut self.write_counter, &mut self.write_duration),
// We use saturating_add because we don't want any disruptions to emulator running due to
// statistics
*counter = counter.saturating_add(1);
*duration = duration
.unwrap_or(Duration::new(0, 0)); // If we overflow, reset to 0
/// Get the accumulated count and duration of a particular Operation
fn get(&self, stat: BusOperation) -> (u64, Duration) {
match stat {
BusOperation::Read => (self.read_counter, self.read_duration),
BusOperation::Write => (self.write_counter, self.write_duration),
/// Merge another DeviceStat into this one.
fn merge(&mut self, other: &DeviceStatistics) {
self.read_counter = self.read_counter.saturating_add(other.read_counter);
self.read_duration = self
.unwrap_or(Duration::new(0, 0)); // If we overflow, reset to 0
self.write_counter = self.write_counter.saturating_add(other.write_counter);
self.write_duration = self
.unwrap_or(Duration::new(0, 0)); // If we overflow, reset to 0
/// Get a json representation of `self`.
fn json(&self) -> serde_json::Value {
"reads": self.read_counter,
"read_duration": {
"seconds": self.read_duration.as_secs(),
"subsecond_nanos": self.read_duration.subsec_nanos(),
"writes": self.write_counter,
"write_duration": {
"seconds": self.write_duration.as_secs(),
"subsecond_nanos": self.write_duration.subsec_nanos(),
/// Statistics about how a bus has been accessed.
#[derive(Clone, Default, Debug)]
pub struct BusStatistics {
/// Whether or not statistics have been enabled to measure Bus Reads/Writes.
enabled: bool,
/// Vec of per-device statistics, indexed by BusEntry.index.
device_stats: Vec<DeviceStatistics>,
/// Global information about all devices inserted into any bus.
device_identifiers: Arc<Mutex<Vec<DeviceStatisticsIdentifier>>>,
impl BusStatistics {
pub fn new() -> BusStatistics {
/// Enable or disable statistics gathering.
pub fn set_enabled(&mut self, enabled: bool) {
self.enabled = enabled;
/// Get the start time of the stat that is to be recorded.
/// If the BusStatistics instance is not enabled this will return None.
pub(crate) fn start_stat(&self) -> Option<Instant> {
if !self.enabled {
return None;
/// Record the end of the stat.
/// The start value return from start_stat should be passed as `start`. If `start` is None or
/// if the BusStatistics instance is not enabled this will do nothing. The counters and
/// durations will silently overflow to prevent interference with vm operation.
pub(crate) fn end_stat(
&mut self,
stat: BusOperation,
start: Option<Instant>,
device_index: usize,
) {
if !self.enabled {
if let Some(start) = start {
// Make sure the device_stats is large enough
if self.device_stats.len() < device_index + 1 {
.resize(device_index + 1, DeviceStatistics::default());
self.device_stats[device_index].increment(stat, start);
/// Get the next available device index.
/// When adding a BusEntry to the bus, the Bus should call this function to get the index for
/// the entry. This BusStatistics will then save the device `name` and `id` associated with the
/// device index for displaying statistics later.
pub(crate) fn next_device_index(&self, name: String, id: u32, base: u64, len: u64) -> usize {
let mut device_identifiers = self.device_identifiers.lock();
let idx = device_identifiers.len();
device_identifiers.push(DeviceStatisticsIdentifier::new(name, id, base, len));
/// Merge several BusStatistics into one.
pub fn merged(stats: &[Arc<Mutex<BusStatistics>>]) -> BusStatistics {
if stats.is_empty() {
return BusStatistics::new();
let device_count = stats[0].lock().device_identifiers.lock().len();
let mut merged = BusStatistics {
enabled: stats[0].lock().enabled,
device_stats: Vec::with_capacity(device_count),
device_identifiers: stats[0].lock().device_identifiers.clone(),
for idx in 0..device_count {
let mut device_stat = DeviceStatistics::default();
// Merge all DeviceStatistics
for other in stats {
let other = other.lock();
// Not all vcpu Buses may have stats for all devices.
if let Some(other_stats) = other.device_stats.get(idx) {
/// Get a json representation of `self`. Returns an array of maps, where each map contains the
/// read an write statistics for a particular device.
pub fn json(&self) -> serde_json::Value {
let mut devices = serde_json::json!([]);
let devices_vec = devices.as_array_mut().unwrap();
for (device_identifier, device_stat) in self
serde_json::json!({"info": device_identifier.json(), "stats": device_stat.json()}),
impl std::fmt::Display for BusStatistics {
/// BusStatistics' Display is split into two tables, Reads and Writes.
fn fmt(&self, f: &mut fmt::Formatter) -> fmt::Result {
for (opname, op) in &[("Read", BusOperation::Read), ("Write", BusOperation::Write)] {
"Device Name Device Id Address Range {:<15}s{:<15} Duration",
let mut device_indices: Vec<usize> = (0..self.device_stats.len()).collect();
// Sort indices by op duration
device_indices.sort_by_key(|i| Reverse(self.device_stats[*i].get(*op).1));
for i in device_indices.iter() {
let device_identifier = &self.device_identifiers.lock()[*i];
let (count, duration) = self.device_stats[*i].get(*op);
device_identifier.base + device_identifier.len
// Alignment not implemented by Debug
format!("{:?}", duration),