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  1. 56de202 Patch a leading 0 before the decimal dot in JSON double renderings if needed. by Johannes Henkel · 24 hours ago master
  2. 8983979 Bugfix: Must advance the input when reading stop bytes. by Johannes Henkel · 2 days ago
  3. ec07986 Add tests to cover the binary (CBOR) decoding errors. by Johannes Henkel · 3 days ago
  4. 40774f7 Add a binary parser which sends events to a JsonParserHandler. by Johannes Henkel · 3 days ago
  5. 84c9eab Add unittests for the JSON parser errors. by Johannes Henkel · 4 days ago

Chromium inspector (devtools) protocol

This package contains code generators and templates for the Chromium inspector protocol.

The canonical location of this package is at

In the Chromium tree, it's rolled into

In the V8 tree, it's rolled into

See also Contributing to Chrome Devtools Protocol.

We‘re working on enabling standalone builds for parts of this package for testing and development, please feel free to ignore this for now. But, if you’re familiar with Chromium's development process and have the depot_tools installed, you may use these commands to fetch the package (and dependencies) and build and run the tests:

fetch inspector_protocol
cd src
gn gen out/Release
ninja -C out/Release json_parser_test