Chromium DevTools docs

This directory contains Chrome DevTools project documentation in Gitiles-flavored Markdown. It is automatically rendered by Gitiles.

If you add new documents, please also add a link to them in the Document Index below.

Document Index

Design Documents

General Development


Architectural Documentation


Useful Commands

git cl format --js

Formats all code using clang-format.

npm run check

Runs all static analysis checks on DevTools code.

Creating Documentation


Previewing changes

Locally using md_browser

Assuming that /path/to/src contains a chromium checkout, you can run:

# in devtools-frontend checkout
/path/to/src/tools/md_browser/ --directory $PWD

and preview the result by opening http://localhost:8080/docs/ in your browser. This is only an estimate. The gitiles view may differ.

Online with Gerrit's links to gitiles

  1. Upload a patch to gerrit, or receive a review request. e.g.
  2. View a specific .md file. e.g.
  3. You will see something like
    Base preview -> Patchset 3 preview | DOWNLOAD
    at the top left of the page. Click on the second “preview” link to open the preview for the current patch set.

This gitiles view is the authoritative view, exactly the same as will be used when committed.