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Emscripten Releases

This is meta-repository which brings together all the repositories needed to produce and emscripten release. The revisions used in each release are tracked in a DEPS file (See [depot_tools]( for more information). This file contains a history of revisions that have been built and tested together and represent a known good state.

Each release is automatically built and uploaded to to Google Cloud Storage and can be used standalone or with emsdk.

The build status for the automated builds can be seen here

Updating DEPS entries

Install depot_tools and then check out: gclient config (Do this only once)

Update working trees:

  • git pull
  • gclient sync

Update a DEPS entry:

  • cd emscripten-releases
  • git checkout -b <branch>
  • roll-dep emscripten-releases/llvm-project
  • git cl upload

The argument to roll-dep must match one of the keys in the ‘deps’ dictionary in the DEPS file. See roll-dep -h for more options.