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Chrome Enterprise Lab

Chrome Enterprise Lab is an inaccurately named set of tools for building enterprise labs quickly and easily. The labs so built can be used for system level end-to-end testing of Google Chrome/Chromium.

Have a peek at the Design document.

Also have a peek at the Code of Conduct.

Most of the code is in Go. See the README file.



Get The Source

There are two ways to get the source. One is to use managed deps, and the other is to use plain go get. The latter workflow doesn't quite work yet due to this repository not being integrated with So this page only mentions the managed dependency workflow.

  1. Clone this repository:

    Assumes that $GOPATH is a single path and not a : delimited list.

    mkdir -p ${GOPATH}/src/
    cd ${GOPATH}/src/
    git clone
    cd cel
  2. Get the dependencies:

    python deps --install

Build It

  1. Use the build script:

    python build
  2. Also make sure the tests pass.

    python test