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Chrome Enterprise Lab

Chrome Enterprise Lab is a set of tools for building enterprise experimental labs quickly and easily. The labs so built can be used for system level end-to-end testing of Google Chrome/Chromium. These system tests are required to avoid enteprise regression under some complex enterprise software & networking configurations, such as Microsoft Active Directory.

Have a peek at the Design document.

Also have a peek at the Code of Conduct.

Most of the code is in Go. See Guide to code to get a head start on the code in this repository.



  • Go: Download Go from the Go download page. This project requires Go 1.18.1. Using other golang build might cause build or test failures.

  • Depot Tools: Used for managing the checkout and the contributor workflow.

  • Protocol Buffers Compiler: Protocol buffers are used extensively for wranging all the data that needs to be shuttled around. Run protoc --version to check the protoc version. The protoc version should be at least 3.5.1. If protoc is not installed, install it from command line:

    sudo apt install -y protobuf-compiler
  • python: python should be on most systems. check by running python --version if that doesn't work try python3 --version if you have python3 install this to make it your primary version: sudo apt-get install python-is-python3

  • pip: python‘s package manager. make sure you have it by typing pip in your terminal. if you don’t: sudo apt-get install pip

  • absl-py: This Python package is used by tests. Install it by running pip install absl-py.

Get The Source

  1. Setting GO environment variables by adding below lines into ~/.bashrc file

    export GOPATH=$HOME/go
    export GOBIN=$GOPATH/bin
    export PATH=$PATH:$GOBIN
  2. Clone this repository:

    Assumes that $GOPATH is a single path and not a : delimited list.

    mkdir -p ${GOPATH}/src/
    cd ${GOPATH}/src/
    git clone
    cd cel

Build It

  1. Pull dependencies

    python3 deps --install
  2. Use the build script:

    python3 build

    If you see an error message like google/protobuf/descriptor.proto: File not found, see the protoc prerequisites (specifically the includes step).

  3. Also make sure that all unit tests for the Go source files are passing.

    python3 test




The CELab deployment binary and its Python test framework is uploaded into CIPD as a package.

Here are the general steps to release the package.

  1. After the code review, merge in the change
  2. Wait for windows CI build finished (
  3. Run upload_to_cipd with the link to binaries in the CI build (instructions here:
  4. (Optional) Check the output of that command and update the infra version in the .vpython file for your app