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  1. 6097e83 Expose base::make_optional to blink by Yutaka Hirano · 18 minutes ago master
  2. eaf348d [ServiceWorker] Allow waitUntil to be called multiple times asynchronously by leon.han · 39 minutes ago
  3. 929808a Remove dead code in by nednguyen · 50 minutes ago
  4. 021d9e0 Re-land: Stop source and fire MediaStreamTrack ended event if missing audio input callbacks are detected. by grunell · 52 minutes ago
  5. fd9e94b Rename SendContextMenuEventForKey to ShowNonLocatedContextMenu by amaralp · 53 minutes ago
  6. 6f000e6 Move ContextMenuAllowedScope to core/input by amaralp · 55 minutes ago
  7. 7c7e9e6 Redirects off-origin navigations in an installed PWAs to a CustomTab. by piotrs · 56 minutes ago
  8. 83d0b9c Replace 0 with nullptr in some files in core/dom by Hayato Ito · 59 minutes ago
  9. f4fde36 [headless] Fix window management browsertests on Mac. by eseckler · 74 minutes ago
  10. 518fb60 Ship and experiment with the Budget API by peter · 77 minutes ago
  11. 08c4e30 Mac: Disable r470769. I.e., Don't pump chrome tasks in private message loop modes. by tapted · 2 hours ago
  12. f196306 Fix NOTREACHED when getting computed style for font-display by Kunihiko Sakamoto · 2 hours ago
  13. c92e3ff [Suggestions] Add flag to guard the Categories UI by Nicolas Dossou-gbete · 2 hours ago
  14. f959b2d [MD Bookmarks] Add keyboard navigation and selection to bookmark list. by calamity · 2 hours ago
  15. a161d38 DCHECK NeedsLayoutTreeUpdate in VisibleUnits::ComputeTextBounds() by yoichio · 3 hours ago
  16. 44bbf83 Fix cr.ui.ContextMenuButton to correctly override method of superclass by ikobylin · 3 hours ago
  17. 9b808fc Remove WTFLogAlways() usages from HTMLParserScriptRunner.cpp by mrunal.kapade · 3 hours ago
  18. 8469872 Measure the usage of <ol>.start with |reversed| and no |start| attribute. by shanmuga.m · 3 hours ago
  19. dfe8a2d Get rid of FrameSelection::SetSelectedRange() by tanvir.rizvi · 3 hours ago
  20. 6c80b6d46 bindings: Fix missing forward declarations in generated callback functions by Kenichi Ishibashi · 3 hours ago