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  1. f83bd83 PlzNavigate: update layout test filter by clamy · 21 minutes ago master
  2. d958bbc [ios clean] Make TabGroup a WebStateList. by marq · 25 minutes ago
  3. 60cd481 Replace perkj@ as WebRtc STO OWNER by perkj · 32 minutes ago
  4. 166ffeb [wrapper-tracing] Snapshot: Avoid adding non-Node wrappers to groups by mlippautz · 34 minutes ago
  5. eb89fbc Roll material-components-ios to d2e5a2a6564f086c906484e618f5883d1f42dee7 by olivierrobin · 37 minutes ago
  6. 52a3de7 Add functionality to get default media device from user preferences. by guidou · 38 minutes ago
  7. 9da8007 Create an initial version of the split CBD dialog. It contains a TabLayout with a basic and and advanced version of the CBD view. The basic version only has history, cache and cookies. by dullweber · 44 minutes ago
  8. a1baf056 Implements CSSPropertyAPI for the font-variant-numeric property by ericwilligers · 46 minutes ago
  9. 319b885 Add a component annotation for browsing_data/OWNERS by msramek · 2 hours ago lkcr
  10. c8473e8 MacViews: Enable views based External Protocol dialog behind secondary-ui-md flag. by karandeepb · 2 hours ago
  11. b7b0799 Send keyboard-derived commands only if the key events are sent by foolip · 2 hours ago
  12. ad21067 Cleanup: Remove some unnecessary includes of components/search/search.h by treib · 2 hours ago
  13. 225bd1f Coordinators: let the presenting view controller dismiss. by lpromero · 2 hours ago
  14. f0d113c Revert of Show service worker navigation preload requests in DevTools Network tab (patchset #9 id:460001 of ) by horo · 2 hours ago
  15. 4b273e2 Move LayoutProgress timer to UnspecedTimer task source. by dcheng · 3 hours ago
  16. e22760d Cloud policy for full runtime added. by rhalavati · 3 hours ago
  17. 7469f74 Mark css3/filters/effect-reference-external-stylesheet.html as flaky by yhirano · 3 hours ago
  18. 95cc5f5 Revert of Add assembly for x86 to OpenH264 encoder (patchset #2 id:40001 of ) by hbos · 3 hours ago
  19. f105471 Fix traverseNonCompositingDescendantsInPaintOrder for float-under-inline cases by wangxianzhu · 3 hours ago
  20. f5a497c [Service Manager] Get rid of dynamic service discovery by rockot · 3 hours ago