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  1. c728b8f doc/contact: Fix the nesting level of FAQ item by Anastasia Klimchuk · 21 hours ago master
  2. b09aad5 hwaccess_x86_io: Improve IO permission error messages by Miklós Márton · 29 hours ago
  3. 385b337 MAINTAINERS: Add Stefan Reinauer for docker container by Stefan Reinauer · 2 days ago
  4. ffc75aa git-hooks: echo back the commit message on failure by Miklós Márton · 4 days ago
  5. 4fbb152 README: Extract instructions for meson and make into separate docs by Anastasia Klimchuk · 7 days ago
  6. 5c84699 util: Add docker to automate creation of documentation by Stefan Reinauer · 7 days ago
  7. f15e6a1 programmer: Use correct type for flashbase by Edward O'Callaghan · 7 days ago
  8. 2e81c05 erasure_layout: Simplify include paths by Anastasia Klimchuk · 8 days ago
  9. 59287a0 chipset_enable.c: Drop `_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE` by Angel Pons · 8 days ago
  10. 0f541c2 enable jlink_spi by default by Thomas Heijligen · 11 days ago
  11. a1decbb enable serial programmer on Windows by Thomas Heijligen · 11 days ago
  12. 5b34bdd meson_options.txt: Unquote true by Thomas Heijligen · 11 days ago
  13. 310243e MAINTAINERS: Add README.rst to sphinx docs by Anastasia Klimchuk · 13 days ago
  14. 4dda67b doc: Add info about Discord channel by Anastasia Klimchuk · 13 days ago
  15. 88c62dd meson: Set minimum required version for libjaylink by Anastasia Klimchuk · 14 days ago
  16. 57f75bb ni845x_spi: Fix signed - unsigned comparisons by Miklós Márton · 2 weeks ago
  17. 42b6346 flashrom.c: Enable erase path optimisation by Aarya Chaumal · 2 weeks ago
  18. 083c5c2 doc: Add doc how to add docs by Anastasia Klimchuk · 2 weeks ago
  19. 592c1c3 jlink_spi: add cs=tms option to jlink_spi programmer by Jiajie Chen · 2 weeks ago
  20. fe2eea4 doc: Convert README to sphinx by Anastasia Klimchuk · 3 weeks ago